Telescopic Batons

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These extendable batons expand to either 16, 21, 26 or 31 inches with just a flick of the wrist. Holster Included.


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These extendable steel batons expand to either 16 inch, 21 inch, 26 inch, or 31 inches with just a flick of the wrist. You choose which size you want. The 21-inch steel baton is the most popular!

Easily Conceals Until You Extend or Flick it Out!

Expandable batons fit perfectly on your belt or next to you in your car. A collapsible baton can be easily hidden and quickly extended for immediate use.

steel baton

Exploding Devastation in the Palm of your Hand

The expandable steel baton is great for both offensive and defensive techniques you would need to employ in a real-world situation.

It doesn't take much to get this moving around in very effective techniques you can implement.

The telescopic steel baton comes with a rubber patterned padded handle for easy gripping and a heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying.

The holster has hook and loop closures to keep it secure. If you are looking for effective self defense with extra reach, the extendable baton is it.

Expandable Batons

telescopic steel baton, expandable

Positive locking system. Once it's out, it's out. It will not collapse when you need it extended.

Tip: To close the police baton, strike straight down on an unyielding surface.

Retractable Baton Closing Instructions

Closed Steel Batons

closed batons

What size collapsible baton should I get?

Different sizes of the collapsible batons are the 16 inch, 21 inch, 26 inch, and the 31 inch. Personal preference would guide your choice as well as your ability to wield the different sizes. Though not a hard rule, the taller you are, the longer the rod you could effectively use.

Telescopic Steel Baton Sizes

Approximate sizes

Extended Size Closed Length Weight
1. 16 inch expandable batons 6 3/4 inches .86lb
2. 21 inch expandable batons 8 1/4 inches 1.05lb
3. 26 inch expandable batons 10 inches 1.23lb
4. 31 inch expandable batons 11 1/2 inches 1.44lb

Extended Telescopic Steel Baton

If you aren't sure which size you should get, the twenty-one inch option is the most popular choice.

expandable baton

You may want the longer one so you have further reach, or the shorter one for your particular purpose. You can get different sizes and strategically place them in specific locations.

Keep one in the driver's side car door pocket in case of any trouble while on the road. If anything happens while in your vehicle, you can quickly have an effective weapon to defend yourself.

Watch Video How to Extend and Collapse the Telescopic Baton

telescopic steel baton

Most police officers in the US are issued telescopic batons, some call it a truncheon in place of the old billy clubs. The included holster has a built-in belt loop to easily fit on duty rigs of security guards and other law enforcement personnel.

The expandable baton has pretty much replaced the old billy club of law enforcement. They are smaller to carry, easy to employ, and are effective weapons both offensively and defensively. Learn how to use this security baton effectively.

baton handle

This extends with just a flick. Just swing it straight down and it will open up to its full length in a fraction of a second. It is ready to use immediately and will help you to defend yourself against an attack and provide for an offensive capability as well.

Retractable Baton Grip

The grip on the retractable baton is made of rubber, is comfortable to hold, and will not slip out of your hand. These grips hold out much better than the foam grips.

Nice sturdy baton. Well built

The product is durable and arrived quick as advertised.

Good quality baton. will order more and tell others.

Very good product. Works well and is very effective.

I just received the item I ordered, thank you for selling such a high quality item. When it opens it's a perfectly solid baton with no play whatsoever between the pieces. Thank you again!

Seems to be a good product for the price. Time will tell.

We owned a similar baton purchased on Amazon which was pretty unsatisfactory: it would stick in the open position and only my husband or teenage son could get it shut with brute force, which was making the foam handle creep up and off the handle.

This baton is so much better made! I can easily open and shut it myself. The grip on the handle is much better quality, easier to grasp and not creeping up the handle. I ordered the 26" for protection against dogs on my walks. I like this length and the weight very much (I'm 5'7" and about 130#); it has increased my sense of security immensely. Very pleased with my purchase.

works great, good balance and solid, closing takes a little practice but works just fine.

baton a little hard to close

Baton seems really stout. Comes out with a flick of the wrist. Have to hit it at a angle really hard on a solid surface to get it to release. Have not tested it out yet on an inanimate object. Comes with a nice nylon holster to attach to a belt.

Product was of good quality happy with purchase

The material it's made of is very solid, but I was not able to collapse the batton after a few times and it's stuck open now. I'm keeping it because it's good quality, but a bit puzzled about it being stuck open. I contacted the company and they said I could return it but if there is some trick to gradually breaking it in they need to include that info in the package.

Product is as described, excellent quality and very fast shipping.

Excellent quality product and exactly what I was looking for.

As advertised, however seems more relevant to a martial arts or police force

Very well made, sturdy. very heavy, especially the 31 inch length. Nice carry case and made with heavy duty metal and grip.

A Very Fine And Solid Product.
Functions Well.

Excellent service and delivery

Produc ist as advertised. Well Made

This works very well for me, it is easy to handle

Works as described.
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