Using a Security Baton

There are several different designs of security baton available, but perhaps the most popular is the solid steel expandable baton. These are small and discreet and can be carried on your person quite easily.

Security Baton

A Steel Expandable Baton


What to Look for In a Security Baton

The best batons for self defense use are solid steel telescopic versions. These are useful for stopping attackers and allowing you to make your escape. A good baton will expand quickly and easily with just a flick of the wrist and can be closed simply by slamming it downwards into a hard surface. If it is difficult to open, it will be useless to you in an emergency.

Using a Security Baton

Firstly, you should know that you should never pull out any weapon unless you actually intend to use it. Once you escalate a confrontation by drawing weapons, even a blunt one such as these, you run the risk of the attacker escalating also. They may choose to pull out a knife or a gun, or they could take control of your baton and use it against you.


When you pull out the baton, take a firm grip on it. Do not allow the attacker to take the baton from your hands. Aim your strikes to places that will incapacitate the attacker, but be mindful of where you are striking. Blows to the head could knock your attacker out, which would allow you to escape, but they could also cause brain damage or even death. Blows to the neck and throat can also cause serious injury.

It is up to each individual to decide whether the threat to their personal safety warrants the use of extreme force. Security workers are trained to subdue attackers without extreme force, and as such will attempt to immobilize attackers by striking their legs, or disarm them by striking their hands. Blows to vulnerable places such as the head, throat or spine should only ever be used if there is a genuine and immediate threat to your personal safety.

Security Batons And The Law

Before you purchase a baton, be sure to check the law in your state and confirm that it is legal for you to own and use one. In addition, remember that these weapons are intended for self defense only, and that you should only use them as a last resort. The safest and wisest choice in almost all circumstances is to avoid confrontation completely.

The Telescopic Security Baton with Holster

It is important to remember that there might be rules and regulations about weapons and that each state might have different rules which you need to adhere to. It is also up to the buyer (and not the seller) to make sure it is legal to buy one of these. You must be 18 or over (depending on the State).

If you have purchased a steel baton, it is best to do some training, especially if you intend to use it for self-defense. It should also be lubricated, not a lot that it’s greasy but so that it can extend easily and quickly.

In order to use it correctly, hold it in a firm grip in your hand and then flick your wrist quickly. This needs to be practiced until you feel really comfortable doing it. The baton will then be opened. Do not grip it too tightly but don’t let it slip out of your hand either. Again, practice makes perfect. To close or collapse it, you need to hold it perpendicular to the floor and hit the floor until all the sections have been retracted and it is now in its closed position.

Make sure you take care and protect it from any moisture. If it does get wet, then make sure you dry it very well. Also, it should be stored in a dry place and keep it away from any leather covers as leather retains moisture. Check it weekly by expanding it and wiping it with the dry cloth.

Also, if you do use it for any reason, check it thoroughly afterward for any damage that may have resulted. Otherwise, store it properly in a dry place.

Steel batons can be used as weapons so make sure they are kept safe at home and only accessible to adults if the necessity arises. However, if you do need to use it, a collapsible baton gives you a powerful defensive weapon you can use to inflict pain upon an attacker. Anywhere you hit someone, it can cause serious pain and possibly even worse damage.