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Ensuring your TASER device is equipped with the right cartridge is crucial for optimal performance and reliability. At TBOTECH, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of TASER cartridges specifically designed for a range of models, including the Bolt, Pulse, X1, 7CQ, C2, and M26. These cartridges are the heart of your TASER's electric weapon capabilities, ready to deliver non-lethal voltage discharges to incapacitate potential threats safely.

Key Features of Our TASER Cartridges:

  • Precision-Engineered Discharge: Each cartridge is meticulously designed to deliver a precise electrical current, ensuring effective incapacitation with minimum risk.
  • Compatibility Across Models: Whether you're using the civilian-focused Bolt, C2, and Pulse or the more robust law enforcement devices like the TASER X1, 7CQ, and M26, we have cartridges tailored to each model's specifications.
  • Reloadable Design: Our TASER cartridges allow for quick and easy reload, ensuring you're always prepared for any self-defense situation with a spare cartridge in your holster.
  • Non-Lethal Protection: Emphasizing safety and protection, these cartridges provide a non-lethal solution to immobilize an attacker without causing permanent harm.
  • Law Enforcement Grade: Trusted by police and law enforcement agencies, our TASER cartridges meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Why Choose TBOTECH for TASER Cartridges?

TBOTECH is your one-stop shop for all TASER accessories and cartridges. Our comprehensive collection ensures that you find the perfect match for your device, offering enhanced self-defense capabilities and peace of mind. From electric shocks that incapacitate attackers to the safety features that protect users from accidental discharge, our TASER cartridges embody the pinnacle of self-defense technology.

Models We Carry Cartridges For:

  • Bolt: Compact and lightweight, perfect for personal protection. Item 34220
  • Pulse: User-friendly and powerful, designed for civilian self-defense. Item 37215
  • X1: Advanced and reliable, favored by law enforcement professionals. Item 34220
  • 7CQ: Specialized for close quarters, offering superior protection. Item 22198
  • M26: Robust and durable, a staple in law enforcement devices. Item 34220
  • C2: Ideal for everyday carry, the C2 cartridges are designed for those seeking discreet yet effective personal defense. Item 37215

Equip your TASER device with our high-quality cartridges, ensuring you're always ready to defend yourself effectively and safely. Each cartridge includes prongs designed to penetrate clothing and deliver the incapacitating shock needed to neutralize threats, all while maintaining the non-lethal ethos central to TASER technology.

Shop With Confidence

Explore our TASER cartridges today and invest in your safety and protection. With options available for a variety of models, TBOTECH is committed to providing you with the products you need to feel secure. Whether for personal defense or as part of your duty gear, our cartridges offer the reliability and effectiveness you expect from leading self-defense technology. Equip your TASER with TBOTECH cartridges and experience the confidence that comes with having dependable protection at your fingertips.

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TASER firing cartridges. This two-pack fits the C2, Bolt, and Pulse models.
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Reload your TASER M18, M26, X1, X26 in less than a second with replacement Air Cartridges. Price shown is for two cartridges. Each 34220 TASER Air Cartridge contains two probes which fire 15 feet attaching TASER wire to the target. TASER wave electron pulses are transmitted through the wires...
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The TASER 7 Cartridges are essential for anyone seeking advanced non-lethal protection. Designed specifically for the TASER 7 device, these cartridges deliver precise electric shocks to incapacitate potential threats effectively.
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