X1, M26, X26P, X26C Cartridges

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Reload your TASER M18, M26, X1, X26 in less than a second with replacement Air Cartridges. Price shown is for two cartridges. Each 34220 TASER Air Cartridge contains two probes which fire 15 feet attaching TASER wire to the target.

TASER wave electron pulses are transmitted through the wires and into the target through up to 2 inches of clothing. Each TASER air cartridge also fires out 20-50 ID tags with a unique serial number to help police track down criminal users.

Taser 2 Pack Live Replacement Cartridge. The TASER 15' Replacement Cartridge 2 pack is compatible ONLY with the following products: TASER M18, X1, M26C, and X26 series.

Taser Probes

Know where to tase someone.

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