Police Force Tactical Stun Guns

Police Force stun guns are designed to be used on a regular basis by professionals under tough and rigorous conditions. In fact, these models are manufactured from military-grade aluminum, making them as tough as the men and women who carry them.

Police Force Brand

Although Police Force is engineered to meet the grueling demands of active Police, Military, and Security Professionals worldwide, they are also available to civilians. Order yours today!

Police Force Products Are:

  • Tough and Rugged
  • Have Superior Triple Point Technology for more effective shock delivery
  • Made with Mil-Grade Aluminum
  • The Top Choice for Military and Law Enforcement

See the selection above to choose your ultimate shock stick.

Police taser guns are available to civilians.

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This high-end tactical flashlight stun gun combines a tough aluminum alloy exterior with powerful electronic components inside to deliver an excruciating shock.
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The 1200-lumen LED beam illuminates your path while the 17,000,000-volt stun gun offers unmatched self-defense. Designed for your safety, its impressive size ensures you remain at a safe distance from potential threats, providing peace of mind wherever you go.
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