Lipstick Taser - 25,000,000 Volt Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight

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Looks just like a large tube of lipstick but is actually a powerful stun gun that is ready to defend and protect at a moment's notice.

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Are you looking for something small and discreet that packs a punch? The Rechargeable Stun Master has 25 million volts, a flashlight, and disguises itself as an average, ordinary, tiny tube of lipstick. Not only is it portable and easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or any other accessory, but it's the smallest and most convenient stun gun we have. Even your friends will think it's a normal tube of lipstick. An attacker won’t know the difference until he feels the 25 million volts coursing through his body.

The Lipstick Stun Gun Surprise

Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight held in hand

Some stun guns are bulky, difficult to stow away, and quickly raise suspicion. That's not the case with the lipstick stun gun. This one is tiny, measuring only 5"x1". You'll find many lipstick tubes that are the exact same size, so it won't stand out as weird or peculiar when you are carrying it around. Not only is the size perfect, but this disguise allows you to gain the edge on an attacker, whether it's a stranger or a date that's getting a little too pushy and won't take no for an answer. They won't know what hit them until they wake back up.

Using the lipstick stun gun is simple. If you can push a button, then you can use it. There are two buttons here and they have been color-coded for convenience. One of them activates the flashlight. This can help you find something in the dark, or it can temporarily blind your assailant. The element of surprise is crucial here because they won't be expecting the bright light.

The second button is what unleashes the 25 million volts. Touch the button, push it into the attacker, and he'll feel the pain instantly. You must familiarize yourself with the buttons as soon as you get your item. This will help you identify which one does what while also reducing any nervousness you might have about using the stun gun when the need arises. Get familiar with the buttons, how hard you must push them, and where to place your fingers. It should only take a few minutes until you feel comfortable.

While you could use conventional batteries and change them as needed, we have a better solution. The lipstick stun gun has a built-in rechargeable battery. You'll never need to change it and charging it is easy. Connect the included charger cord into a wall outlet and wait until it's finished. The battery will last a couple of months (unless used on an attacker) before needing a recharge.

Lipstick Stun Device Gives You the Surprise Edge

This is a great gift for your daughter, mother, niece, cousin, or friend. The unfortunate truth is that sexual assault crimes are prevalent on college campuses and any social areas. You need to be ready to protect yourself at a moment's notice. When someone is getting too close and is trying to hurt you, this little guy is exactly what you need. The electric stun gun works great in close quarters where you need something small and concealable to use. It'll give them the shock of their lives while buying you the time you need to make a fast getaway.

Don't waste time once you've stunned the attacker. Get as much distance as you can between him and you. Be sure to get help. Report the attack to campus authorities or police officers. Make sure the authorities know so that they can arrest the person and make a report of the attack. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you may also prevent a future attack against someone else.

It's not only women who need protection. Men need to be on guard as well. While we've highlighted sexual assault, sometimes an attacker wants to mug you or cause some damage for fun. What's fun for them can be painful for you. While men have some extra physical strength to help balance the fight in their favor, women usually need a little something extra to guard themselves. That's where this device comes in. It's the perfect weapon against assailants no matter what their intent is.

Some states have restrictions on Stun Devices. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping Restrictions

Women around the world trust stun guns of all shapes and sizes. Not only do they pack a massive punch, 25 million volts in this case, but they are easy to conceal and tuck away in pockets, handbags, or other accessories. You can always have it with you and no one will know it's there. The element of surprise helps in any fight as it buys you precious seconds that you'll need to turn the tide in your favor. That's why stun guns are so trusted. They work and they don't raise suspicion until the moment they're used.

Now we've talked about practical and safety features, here's one that's purely aesthetic: there are several different colors you can choose from. This stun gun comes in black, pink, purple, gold, and red. All of them feature little sparkly stones on the sides that make them look like a designer tube of lipstick. It won't stand out at all, and you can even match your other accessories around it.

Some of the lipstick stun gun features are:

  • The rechargeable battery lasts for months before you'll need to charge it via a wall outlet
  • A small 5"x1" unit that looks like a standard tube of lipstick
  • Packs a 25 million-volt punch that will leave any assailant stunned
  • Comes in five different colors: gold, red, purple, pink, and black
  • Perfectly disguised, carry it around in your pocket, bag, or anywhere else

You never know when an attack will happen, so it's best to prepare yourself before the event happens. Nothing is as easy to conceal or use as this lipstick zapper. With a small design and only two buttons, you'll have no problem using this when the need arises. Before ordering, please be sure to check your state's laws to ensure we can ship it to your area. You'll have the protection you need at a moment's notice.

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Anthony Ford
I love this stun gun. Works really well. I highly recommend this for protection from the rioters.
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