Self Defense Zapper

Self Defense Zapper

You've heard about them. Those electrical devices people carry around for self defense that give off a powerful static electricity charge to help stop an attack? Maybe you know someone who owns one and have seen its effects firsthand. These self defense zappers are more commonly known as stun guns and come in various forms. This guide will go into detail about the features and benefits of owning a self-defense zapper, as well as how to use it properly when confronted by an opponent.

What is a Self Defense Zapper?

A self protection zapper is an electrical device that is small enough to hold in your hand and use to prevent or stop an attack. Self-defense zappers are devices that deliver an electrical shock to an attacker when they come into contact with it. They are normally powered by rechargeable batteries that provide enough energy to cause severe pain and discomfort to the bad guy on the receiving end of the device.

Self Protection Zapper

Self-defense zappers are a unique and effective way to defend yourself when facing an attacker or threat.

How Does a Self-Defense Zapper Work?

A self-defense zapper works by delivering an electrical shock to an assailant when it comes in contact with them. This shock is typically delivered through two metal prongs and can range from hundreds of thousands up to millions of volts. The electrical shock causes temporary paralysis, allowing you to escape or call the authorities for help.

What Features Do They Have?

Self defense zappers come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the key features that you should consider when shopping for a self-defense zapper include its size, rechargeable battery power source, discharge rating in milliamps, safety switch to prevent accidental activation, and a holster or carrying case.

The important features of a stun gun can include:

  • a safety mechanism to prevent it from being used on you
  • a lanyard
  • a flashlight
  • an audible siren alarm
  • a recharging port to connect and power up your device easily

Flashlight Zapper - The Shorty 75 Million

The Shorty Stun Flashlight Zapper

The voltage of a stun gun ranges wildly and is a number used solely for marketing. Nearly all stun guns use the same or very similar batteries to power them, and their output is similarly equal. A more telling example of the strength of a zapper is the number of Amps that it has.  Measured in milliamps, most stun guns rate between 4 and 4.9 mA.

Are They Legal to Own or Use?

You should check with local laws before you purchase a self-defense zapper, as they vary by state. Generally, self-defense zappers are less restricted for carrying around than knives, guns, or chemical sprays. However, they must still meet certain criteria and be used solely in self-defense situations. Furthermore, some states do not allow citizens to use a stun device at all and have restrictions on owning one.

What Are The Different Types of Zappers Available?

They typically take the form of a longer baton, a handheld type, or even disguised as something else such as a smartphone, lipstick container, flashlights, canes, or even a bottle of perfume. Self-defense zappers come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Some are designed for discreet use, such as mini stun guns that fit on a key chain or in your pocket so you can carry it around without anyone noticing.

Baton Type Zapper

Longer Baton-Sized Zapper for Extended Reach

Other larger zappers may be carried openly or hung from your hip and contain powerful features such as metal construction to be used as a club,  extended shock strips, bright LED lights to blind an attacker, and loud alarms to attract attention.

Defend Yourself With a Self Defense Zapper

Keep yourself safe with a self defense zapper. These easy-to-use devices are great for personal protection and can provide you with an additional layer of security and confidence as you move through your day.

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