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How to Keep Bears Away

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How to Keep Bears Away

Learning how to keep bears away is smart preparation for any excursion into their territory. Park officials encourage you to carry around mace or pepper spray for protection. Although you hope that you will never use it, you should have it just in case.

Keeping Bears AwayAccording to a spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the spray is only as effective as its user is wise. Considerations such as wiind direction and the speed of the approaching beast determines the best time to unleash the contents. If the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, you may be affected as well, so make sure you're downwind.

How to Keep Bears Away

Bear sprays are specially formulated for bears and have a higher capsaicinoid concentration. Campers and hikers are advised to bring it, but camp rangers also recommend that making noise is also a good form of prevention. Bears may often avoid humans because of the noise that humans make. Banging pots together and yelling at the bear could be enough to make them go away.

Campers are advised to make noise whenever they go out of their tents or trailers. This is also applicable when hiking; especially where bears are hidden in the brush or in the trees. You want them to hear you from far away so they'll avoid you.

Keep Food Away from Bears

Moreover, bears will usually approach humans and other animals when they are looking for food. It is in these moments of foraging that humans and bears may be placed at their closest proximity. This is where people must be extra careful and exercise preventive measures.

How to Keep Bears AwayFor instance, campers are cautioned to keep their campsite free from trash and food in order to keep them from wandering in. If a bear is found already going through food containers, ice chests, and other places where food is stored, let him be. Never approach the bear or try to save the food – food, after all, can be replaced.

Employing Your Bear Spray

Pepper spray or not, it's never be advisable to approach a bear or put oneself at risk. Experts also warn people with bear sprays never to take chances with bears simply because one has the spray to protect oneself. Any approach by humans could be seen as aggression, and they will respond accordingly.

When you come across a bear, stop. If it's an inadvertent meeting, he or she may simply want to go the other way. You can try to back away to give him space so he doesn't feel threatened. Keep facing him while you're backing away. If that doesn't work and he continues to approaches you, stand your ground.

Make Noise

Yelling, stomping your feet, blowing your whistle and banging things together are all ways to use sound to discourage the bear from continuing. The loud sounds may confuse him or even frighten him enough to not want to deal with you. If he is intent on continuing his advance, it's time to point your spray toward the bear.

Prepare to Discharge

If you see the beast coming toward you, fire off a blast so that the bear has to walk through the cloud of pepper gas. If they are charging you, aim carefully and give a full blast so that an immense cloud stands as a barrier between you and it. Fire before they get too close so you can ensure the spray is in front of them. Once they walk into the fog of the bear pepper spray, he or she will be affected by it and you can make your get away.

Purchasing Bear Spray

You can purchase a bear spray on this site. Choose between Guard Alaska brand or Mace Bear Spray.


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