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Hand Held Stun Devices


Many self-defense weapons are on the market today including many you can hold in your hand. Different handheld models include the extendable baton, the kubotan, pepper spray, TASER devices, and the hand held stun device, more commonly known as the stun gun.

A typical stunner delivers high voltage electricity yet with low amperage so as to do no damage or cause any injury to the person.

A typical stunner delivers high voltage electricity yet with low amps so as to do no damage or cause any injury to the person. The joules produced by the electricity are enough to cause non-lethal damage to the person. A capacitor is an electronic component that stores energy in the form of an electric field and releases it when the voltage across the capacitor terminals reaches a certain level. The charge on the capacitor is equal to the voltage across the capacitor multiplied by the capacitance.

Stun guns work mainly by inflicting pain but also cause the muscle group where it is applied to work very rapidly. This rapid work cycle depletes the tissues of blood sugar and converts it into lactic acid rendering the muscles too fatigued to be able to do anything else for a short period of time.

Electric Shock Security Device

Used correctly, an electric shock security device will allow you to retreat from an attack and get away to safety. By applying the weapon to the body of the attacker and pressing the trigger mechanism, you are injecting a large electrical load of energy into their body. This overwhelms the person's nerves and causes severe pain and discomfort.

Hand held shock devices typically take the following shapes:

  • Typical – This is a normal shape you'd expect to see from one of these. The design goes back to the eighties when they first became mainstream as a self defense product. The common shape has evolved over time to be more streamlined. Typical
  • Baton – A longer device which gives extended reach. Used against aggressive dogs and also by security to give some distance. Hand Held Stun Baton
  • Flashlight – Appears as a regular looking flashlight that does have a flashlight function but also is able to deliver a shock. Hand Held Stun Flashlight
  • Cell Phone – Several models of these devices are modeled after real-life mobile phones. They aren’t able to be used as real phones but are disguised to give the ability to conceal your self defense weapon. Handheld Cellphone Stun Device
  • Lipstick – Another disguised stun gun that is the same shape and size of a tube of lipstick that can be carried in your purse. Remove the cap to expose the business end of the stunner. Handheld Lipstick Stun Device

There are other shapes and disguised models that do not give the appearance of being any type of self defense product. When choosing one to buy, you can decide which one best fits your lifestyle.

How to use Handheld Weapons

There are a couple of schools of thought on how to properly use a stun gun.

  • Some say that if you are accosted and the threat is imminent, you should pull out your stunner already set to stun and press the trigger so it goes off in the air.

This will display a show of force by the sight and sound of the electrical discharge. The thought process of doing this is that it will scare off the attacker because they won’t want to be stunned by it.

  • The other side says this gives away the element of surprise and makes it less effective. The ‘keep hidden till you are ready to use’ train of thought says to wait until they move in for an attack and then put the stun device into action.

They won't know it’s coming and the shock value will add to the pain they experience when getting stunned.

Plus, since you took them by surprise, you may be able to get some extra time to hold the stun gun against their body, thereby increasing the effect of the device tremendously.

The longer you hold it on them, the more overwhelming the effect.

Situationally Dependent

As in most things, it would be situationally dependent. It may work in one case but not in another. You’d have to use your instinct and gut feeling to determine which would be the best course of action for your circumstances.

Either way, your handheld shock device gives you options for protecting yourself. From the extended reach of a baton to a covert and innocuous-looking cell, you can choose which version works best for you. Always keep your personal protector with you at all times. Call the police once you get away.

Start your selection process by clicking the images above or by going to the stun gun category page. There, you will find a wide variety of products to choose from, including those items normally used by the military, police, and law enforcement.


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