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40 inch blowgun. Right now we only have the 40-inch size.


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Precision-Made Blow Dart Guns

A blowgun consists of two parts: a long, hollow tube and a projectile. The hole in the tube is narrow enough to allow some sort of projectile or dart to be inserted and for air to be blown through. It may be made with materials such as wood, bamboo, plastic, or even steel. These modern ones here are made of aircraft aluminum.

Many people are finding that blowguns offer a challenging (though easily mastered) and fun sport.

These are .40 caliber in size and made of high-tensile aluminum. They are the real deal and produce amazing velocity. You can expect ranges over 200 feet and muzzle velocities as high as 350 feet per second.

blow gun

Each blowgun comes with eight target darts, a mouthpiece, a muzzle guard, a foam grip, and a dart quiver to carry ammo on the tube.

Warning: Will cause extreme fun at backyard BBQ's!

Shoots these accessories: target darts.

Darts - You can buy these in packs of 100

The longer the blow tube, the further and faster it will go!

Approximate Blow Gun Shooting Speeds and Ranges

Size FPS Range
1. 24inch 150' 45-55'
2. 36inch 200' 90-110'
3. 48inch 250' 145-155'
4. 60inch 300' 190-210'
5. 72inch 350' 246-265'

Excellent for camping. An activity the whole family will love!

As a backyard activity, this is loads of fun and easy to master! The whole family can enjoy it, and your kids will learn a valuable skill in both aiming and judging the strength of their breath to hit the target accurately. Makes a fun competition.

Modern Day Blow Gun

This blowgun is an ideal starter choice, designed to the U.S. standard .40 caliber size and made from a durable, high-tensile aluminum tube. With a minimum of practice, it's capable of firing darts with a muzzle velocity as high as 350 feet per second and striking small targets from 200 feet away. Each gun comes with eight target darts carried securely on the affixed quiver, comfortable foam grip, mouthpiece, and muzzle guard.

It's a great introduction to an exciting yet economical hobby that can be practiced right in your own backyard, anytime you like. All it requires is a blowgun target and a deep breath...!

Blowing Technique

The technique with which a user blows into a blowgun is crucial for maximizing the weapon's effectiveness, influencing both the dart's velocity and accuracy. Here are several key aspects of technique that matter:

  1. Breath Control: The strength and steadiness of the user's breath directly affect the dart's initial speed. A strong, quick puff of air generates more force, propelling the dart faster. Breath control also involves the ability to deliver a consistent burst of air, which is crucial for achieving consistent results.

  2. Lip Seal: How well the user seals their lips around the blowgun's mouthpiece can impact air pressure and, consequently, the dart's speed. A tighter seal prevents air from escaping, ensuring that the maximum amount of air pressure is directed behind the dart.

  3. Breathing Technique: Effective blowgun users often use a technique similar to that used by singers or wind instrument players, utilizing diaphragmatic breathing. This technique allows for a more powerful and controlled air burst because it engages the diaphragm, a large muscle capable of generating significant air pressure.

  4. Aiming and Posture: Although not directly related to the act of blowing, the user's aiming technique and posture play a critical role in accuracy. A steady posture, with proper alignment of the blowgun to the target, helps ensure that the dart travels along the intended path. Some users might slightly tilt the blowgun upward to compensate for gravity's effect on the dart over longer distances.

  5. Practice and Experience: As with any skill, practice is essential for improving blowgun technique. Experienced users develop a feel for how much force to use for different ranges and how to adjust their technique based on factors like wind or the weight of the dart.

  6. Lung Capacity: While technically a physical attribute rather than a technique, a user's lung capacity can influence their technique's effectiveness. Individuals with greater lung capacity can produce stronger, longer-lasting air bursts, potentially increasing both the range and speed of the dart.

Improvements in these areas can lead to significant enhancements in the performance of a blowgun, including increased dart speed, greater range, and improved accuracy. Mastery of blowgun technique requires time, understanding of the principles involved, and regular practice.

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