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What is a Kubotan?

Kubotan Defense Tool

If you've ever felt threatened walking alone down a deserted street or entering your apartment late at night, you've probably considered some form of self defense class. Many people also believe buying a firearm is a good solution to their fears of attackers. Yet what if you had a small piece of metal that could save you in the event of an emergency?...

Women's Safety Living Alone

Essential Self-Defense and Safety Tips for Women Living Alone

Despite the fact that women seem to be more self-defense savvy than ever, the violence against them continues to be a huge societal problem. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the prevalence of violent crimes against women is rising , with about 1.11 percent of women reporting one or more violent acts in the past six months. That means that...

Become More Observant for Personal Safety

How to Become More Observant of Your Surroundings

Observation has always been an important part of human survival. As living conditions get better for everyone around the world, however, we tend to become less aware of our surroundings. Technology draws us in and makes it harder to observe the vital things around us. Staying safe goes hand-in-hand with being observant. Without seeing the details...

Security Gear

Security Gear Checklist

More security guards are killed on duty than police officers. That’s a shocking fact. But you can see how it might happen. Indeed, they’re often the first line of defense against intruders, thieves, and general rule-breakers. More often than not they’re the first to the scene of an issue. It’s unfortunately common to be in harm’s way. Clearly,...

Are stun guns legal in New York?

Are Stun Guns Legal in NY

Yes! You can buy one and we will ship it to you! Shop now for a stun gun. We get many questions asking about if  stun guns  or  TASER devices  are legal in the state of New York. The quick answer for most people is... Update:  9 May 2019 -  YES , we can now ship to the state of New York. s tun guns or stun  batons and...

Simple Weapons

8 Everyday Items You Can Use as Weapons for Self-Defense

It's hard to prepare yourself for an attack all the time, everywhere you go. If you're caught off-guard, you may need to improvise a self-defense weapon from whatever is handy. Fortunately, there are lots of everyday items that make effective simple weapons. In fact, it's so easy that the Department of Defense even asked for civilian ideas for...

Being Aware of Your Surroundings

5 Tips for Being Aware of Your Surroundings

It's easy to get distracted when you have an attention span shorter than a goldfish , but that can lead to dangerous and careless mistakes. Being aware of your surroundings can be the difference between life and death. It's something that doesn't come naturally for most, in fact, in recent years even the courts have recognized how unreliable eye...

Personal Security Alarms

What's the Benefit of Having a Personal Security Alarm?

Did you ever experience burglary? Do you feel your home is an easy target for burglars? Are you searching for ways to increase your home’s level of security? There are about 2.5 million cases of burglaries taking in the United States every year. Out of this number, about two-thirds involve home break-ins . According to the FBI, homeowners report an...

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