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Real Throwing Knives

Are Real Throwing Knives Legal and Where Can You Carry Them?

When it comes to self-defense, some people prefer carrying a knife instead of a gun. In general, good self-defense tactics encourage you to keep threats as far away as possible. If an attacker comes within arm's length, your safety is at great risk. But if your personal preference is to carry a knife instead of a gun, and harm is best kept far...

Guide to Buying a Door Brace

Your Guide to Buying a Security Door Brace

Brace Yourself: Your Guide to Buying a Security Door Brace Sure, there are dangers out there, but does that mean you won't live your life to the fullest? You don't have to let fear dictate your life. When it comes to invasions and break-ins, the best way to ensure your safety is to secure your enclosures entry points. In this article, learn how you...

Pepper Spray vs Mace

Why is Pepper Spray a Great Option For Self Defense?

Have you ever chopped up hot chili pepper and accidentally rubbed your eye after? If so, you're probably shuddering as you remember how bad it stung. Now, imagine being sprayed in the face with the same oils from that chili pepper. Your eyes will immediately begin to burn and water. Every time you inhale the burning spreads in your nose, down your...

Self Defense Weapons to Keep in Your Vehicle

10 Self-Defense Weapons To Keep In Your Car

How much protection do you carry with you in your car? If you're driving alone, you need ways to defend yourself in case of a carjacker or an attacker. This is especially true when driving at nighttime. Between 2004 and 2008 alone, there were over 400,000 violent victimizations that occurred in parking lots and garages. Check out these ten...

How to Charge the Runt Stun Gun

How Do I Recharge my Runt Stun Gun?

"I own a Runt Stun Gun and am happy with it. The directions tell me how often to recharge it but not how to recharge it. How do I recharge it?" We answer this question here. How to Charge the Runt Stun Gun When you first receive your package in the mail or from UPS, you'll open it and find a box like this one: Green Runt Stun Gun...

Personal Protection Items for Hikers

8 Personal Protection Items For Hikers

Curious about which personal protection items to pack? Most hikers fear three things: bears, mountain lions, and other hikers. But other sources of danger can be just as deadly. Did you know cows kill 10x as many people as bears each year? Bees, wasps , and hornets kill 58x as many. So what should you be prepared for? Well, it depends on your...


Where and When Do Most Muggings Happen?

According to the FBI , property crime has been down but violent crimes have been up. Mugging--it's something everyone wants to avoid and some people don't even think it will ever happen to them. The reality is that, regardless of falling crime rates in the last two decades, getting mugged is still a very real threat. A big part of defending...

Wasp Spray vs. Pepper Spray

Wasp Spray VS Pepper Spray: What's The Difference?

Did you know in the U.S. alone there's one  aggravated assault every 34 seconds ? Maybe you do know, and that's why you're here... Looking for information on wasp spray vs pepper spray. There is a lot of information -- and misinformation -- circulating about the use of wasp spray for self defense. We want to clear it up for you. Read on to...

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