Self Defense Tools For Women

Self Defense Tools for Women

Did you know that researchers have found that women who resist their attackers physically and verbally significantly reduced the probability that sexual assault would happen?

As well, the report showed that these actions did not significantly increase the probability of serious injury.

Therefore, it is important for women to prepare themselves for potential attacks, both with the best self defense weapons for women and with other training materials.

While it is a good idea to train yourself in case of a potential assault through knowledge of general self-defense, one thing to mention is that an assault is never the fault of the victim.

Additionally, there are many different products at women's disposal to cause injury and deter their assailants, regardless of the situation.

Check out this list of nine self defense tools for women to promote safety in you or your loved one's life.

1. Lil Guy Stun Gun

Stun guns can be the perfect tool for women in terms of their self-defense. This one is nicknamed "lil guy" because of its small size.

Little Stun Gun for Women

However, it packs a serious punch, with 12,000,000 volts. It also comes with a flashlight and nylon holster.

This little stun gun is petite and compact enough to fit in your purse or pocket and is easy to conceal in your hand if walking alone.

2. Purse Pepper Spray

Looking for something a little less intimidating to use against attackers?

Pepper Spray for your Purse

This adorable purse pepper spray may be the perfect option for you. People often can take the act of breathing for granted, that is until a dose of pepper spray reminds them of its blessing.

It acts as an inexpensive, non-lethal weapon that is perfect for women everywhere. This one, in particular, is 17 grams, and it shoots out the maximum strength 10% formula.

It can produce the sensation of burning from up to 10 feet away. Best yet, you can get up to 5 blasts from this spray, in the event that there is more than one assailant. Police officers in the United States often carry pepper sprays on their belts as a way to subdue unruly or violent people, and the sprays can also be used to deter animals.

3. Keychain Stun Gun

The keychain stun gun is ideal for anyone that is always on the go, as it attaches directly to your keychain.

Pink Key Chain Stun Gun

But, don't underestimate this bad boy, it packs a serious punch for a stun gun half of the normal size. It is actually comparable to other models, producing 16,000,000 units of electricity.

Moreover, it has an optional holster if you choose to carry it differently, making it very versatile.

4. Comb Knife

This comb has huge potential in terms of self defense tools for women, as it has the element of surprise.

Comb Knife

Disguised as a normal pink comb, it can quickly transform into a knife ideal for self-defense, especially in close combat against an attacker.

It is a functional and economical option for a woman looking to feel safer while out and about.

5. Pink Mace Pepper Spray

pink mace pepper spray is a fashion statement in itself, especially the hot pink model. You do everything else in style, so why not do so for self-defense?

In particular, this one contains a flip-top, which can help prevent accidents. As well, it has a finger grip dispenser for aid in aiming.

Lastly, it has a UV invisible dye present in the 10% mace formula, which can help with the identification of the attack.

6. Perfume Case Stun Gun

A perfume case taser can work well for women looking for a discreet safety tool that will fit in perfectly with their purse.

This self defense tool for women comes with an LED flashlight for an extra measure of safety, and a cap on the top.

It is also very compact, allowing you to hold it more inconspicuously in your hand and protect yourself if need be.

7. Keychain Knife

keychain knife can fit nicely in the crevices between your knuckles and allow you to fight off dangerous individuals.

The design of these knives makes them less likely to slip out of your grip, and it will not set off a metal detector because it is made from plastic.

However, it is very durable and designed to be more effective and more painful than keys, which are commonly used for self defense by women.

8. College Women Safety Kit

An entire safety kit can be the perfect gift for the women in your life, whether they be your mother, significant other, or friend.

College women are at higher risk of an attack, and therefore extra caution should be taken.

This college women kit comes with a door brace, a hollowed book safe, a personal alarm, pepper spray, a pepper spray manual, and a cell phone stun gun.

9. Self Defense Kit

Self defense kit can work for almost anyone, at any age. It comes with a stun gun, a pepper spray, and a personal alarm for the best of all three.

These non-lethal weapons allow women to fight back against those who aim to hurt them and can help put loved ones at ease.

Moreover, having an entire kit will allow you to pick the best option for the situation, and get you back safely as quickly as possible.

Self Defense Tools for Women

Each of these self defense tools for women serves the very important role of protecting them from wrong-doers in non-lethal and safe ways. As well, these can encourage women to think about their safety and become more aware of techniques to fight off attackers.

The type of tool to pick is based on a number of factors, with the most important one being the level of comfort she feels in using the tool.

Stay safe, stay protected, and check out our post on personal protection for women that might also be useful.


Empowering women with knowledge, similar to the effectiveness of a stun gun for women, is crucial in preventing assault. Researchers reveal that resistance through physical and verbal means can significantly reduce the likelihood of such incidents. Equipping women with tools and awareness enhances personal safety and shifts the balance of power.

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