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College Safety Tips

Essential College Safety Tips for Students

Protecting yourself and your belongings on campus boils down to a combination of vigilance and the right tools for security. This means always locking your dorm room, securing your belongings like laptops and tablets, and making sure your locker has a strong padlock. Keeping your items safe isn't just about relying on trust with roommates; it's also...

Stay Safe in Parking Lots

Stay Safe in Parking Lots: Important Tips for Personal Security

Staying safe in parking lots involves clever planning and conscious actions. Measures such as securing your vehicle, keeping personal belongings out of sight, and remaining aware of your surroundings are vital steps towards enhancing your security. But there's more to it, including something often overlooked: the use of self-defense devices and...

How do backpack bulletproof inserts work?

How Do Backpack Bulletproof Inserts Work?

Backpack bulletproof inserts operate as a hidden shield, designed to fit seamlessly into your backpack. Crafted from potent materials like UHMWPE and Kevlar, these thin plates possess the strength to resist bullet impacts. With their high strength-to-weight ratio, these inserts don't add much weight or disrupt the backpack's function; they simply stand...

Glossary of Stun Gun Terms

A Guide to Stun Gun Terminology and Definitions

Stun guns are sophisticated devices, powered by laws of physics such as voltage, amperage, and electrical discharge. Knowledge of these key elements provides clarity in understanding the operating mechanism and effectiveness of stun guns - it's like how knowing your vehicle's horsepower helps you gauge its power. A surprise might be how stun guns...

Self Defense Tools

Best Self Defense Tools

Self-defense tools have evolved greatly by the year 2024, providing a diverse set of options for personal protection . From pepper sprays to stun guns, personal alarms to tactical flashlights, these tools are carefully designed to offer robust yet non-lethal defense in potential danger scenarios. However, not all these tools serve the same purpose -...

Dog Barking Alarm To Scare Off Burglars

Scare Off Burglars with a Dog Barking Alarm System: Enhance Home Security

A dog barking alarm lends the illusion of a vigilant guard dog without needing one. This sound-based solution triggers prerecorded barking noise at key moments, frequently fooling would-be intruders. Surprisingly, strategic placement of such alarms even amplifies the effect, making it seem like an imposing watchdog is present. Adopting motion-sensor...

How to Get Pepper Spray Off Skin

How To Get Pepper Spray Off Skin: Effective Removal Techniques

Pepper spray, a potent irritant, can be quite challenging to remove due to its sticky nature and intense burning effect. This intense reaction underscores the need for quick and proper actions that go beyond just wiping it off. Surprisingly, immediate steps like seeking open areas with fresh air and avoiding rubbing the affected spot can enhance the...

Can you bring a stun gun on a plane?

Are Stun Guns Allowed on Planes?

No, according to standard airline regulations, stun guns are not allowed in carry-on bags. This rule ensures the safety of all passengers during the flight. However, there’s an exception - stun guns can be packed in checked luggage after following specific guidelines. Just like that delicate bottle of wine or oddly shaped souvenir, you’ve got to pack...

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