Recharge Runt Stun Gun

How to Charge the Runt Stun Gun

"I own a Runt Stun Gun and am happy with it. The directions tell me how often to recharge it but not how to recharge it. How do I recharge it?"

We answer this question here.

How to Charge the Runt Stun Gun

When you first receive your package in the mail or from UPS, you'll open it and find a box like this one:

How to Charge Your Runt Stun Gun

Green Runt Stun Gun Box


When you open the box and take the stun gun out, it looks like the picture below. Here's the black one picked up (with disable pin inserted) and held in hand:

Black Runt Stun Gun Held in Hand

Black Runt Stun Gun Held in Your Hand - Notice the Wrist Strap Plugged into the Unit


The Runt Stun Gun Charging Instructions

To charge:

1. To extend the prongs, turn the unit over so you’re looking at the bottom of it.
2. Then press the button you see and slide it outward. This will expose the prongs of the plug.

3. When you slide it outward, a two-prong plug will come out. Be sure to fully extend the slide. It looks like the image below:

Charging Plug Comes Out From the Bottom

Plugs into a regular household outlet.

3. Using the plug that came out from the bottom of the Runt, plug the whole unit into a regular wall outlet.
4. That's it. Allow to charge.


When you're finished charging, pull straight out from the wall outlet. Then simply press down on the button that's on the bottom of the unit and slide the prongs back inside. Don't forget to reinsert the wrist strap.

Pro Tip: The Wrist Strap Disable Pin has to be plugged into the bottom of the Runt stun gun in order for it to work. If it is not inserted, then the energy from the device will not discharge. Always have the pin in place when you are depending on using this for self defense.


My red light is on when the runt is charging, will it turn green when fully charged?

How often should you charge it

It can not be charged on a 220 volt outlet. It is designed for 110v. You could use a converter that steps down the voltage.

hi. Can this be charge into 220volts outlet?

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