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Stun Gun vs Taser

Stun Guns and Taser™ devices are reported about all the time. So much so that the average Joe uses those words interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. Stun guns and tasers have a very important tactical difference: Effective Range.

See for yourself what the differences are:

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If you need to repel someone, would you want to do it from 0 feet away or up to 15 feet? In other words, up close and personal or from a safer distance?

Stun Guns are a Direct Contact Weapon

Stun Gun vs Taser

Stun guns are an effective contact weapon but you must physically touch the person with the prongs of the stun gun. It is also best to hold it on them for many seconds.

Stun guns work by rapidly overworking the muscle group and depleting it of blood sugar. In addition to causing shocking, immobilizing pain and extreme exertions of muscle contractions, the result is similar to muscle failure.

We have an information page you can read, How Stun Guns Work, that explains just that - how a stun gun works.



A Taser Device can easily Floor someone from a Safe Distance

A Taser device such as the civilian C2, allows you to repel the attacker from up to 15 feet away (7-10 feet being optimum target spread.)

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That is a BIG difference from a stun gun, which requires direct contact.

Police carry their own version of a Taser device which you hear about if watch the news. The police version is similar to the C2's predecessor, Advanced Taser. However, the law enforcement version does have a longer range (21 feet compared to the civilian 15 feet).

Taser vs StunGun

We have only given you one main difference between a "taser" and a "stun gun." Effective range. The above link on stun guns will give you detailed information about a stun gun and what it will do to an attacker. To find out more about a Taser and how it works, we have an information page for you to read up on as well - What is the C2 Taser?

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