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This is a replacement battery for your TASER Pulse electronic control weapon. A durable lithium power magazine that powers the Pulse.

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Battery for TASER Pulse

Elevate Your Security with the TASER Pulse Battery

Unlock unparalleled reliability and power for your self-defense needs with the TASER Pulse Battery. This non-rechargeable, lithium-ion powerhouse is the heart of your TASER Pulse, ensuring that when it comes to personal security, you're always prepared. Designed specifically for the TASER Pulse, this battery combines high voltage and ample capacity in a compact, lightweight package, offering you long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Power: Engineered to deliver consistent, high-voltage electrical shocks needed for effective self-defense, this lithium battery ensures your TASER Pulse operates at its best when you need it most.
  • Long-Lasting Capacity: Designed for durability and reliability, the TASER Pulse battery offers an extensive lifespan, capable of supporting numerous full-power discharges to provide you with ongoing security.
  • Tailored for TASER Pulse: As an essential replacement battery, it seamlessly integrates with your TASER Pulse, complementing its compact and handheld design without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Dependable Self-Defense: With the TASER Pulse renowned for its effectiveness in both law enforcement and personal security scenarios, this battery ensures that your device’s electrical shock capability is ready on demand.
  • Safety Features: The battery's design includes built-in safety measures that work in tandem with your TASER Pulse’s trigger and cartridge system, enhancing your protection strategy without compromising ease of use.

Why Choose the TASER Pulse Battery?

  • Unmatched Reliability: In critical moments, the last thing you want to worry about is battery failure. Our lithium-ion battery guarantees that your TASER Pulse is charged and ready for whatever comes your way.
  • Compact Convenience: The battery’s lightweight design ensures that carrying your TASER Pulse, whether in a holster or pocket, is always comfortable and discreet.
  • Essential Accessory: As a vital component of your TASER Pulse, maintaining a spare battery enhances your readiness and ensures uninterrupted protection.
  • Easy Replacement: Swap out your TASER Pulse battery quickly and get back to what matters most – your safety.

Empower Your Defense Strategy

The TASER Pulse Battery isn’t just an accessory; it’s a necessity for anyone serious about their personal defense and security. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional requiring a reliable stun weapon or a civilian committed to personal safety, this battery ensures your TASER Pulse is always operational, providing you with the confidence to face any situation.

Don’t compromise on protection. Enhance your self-defense toolkit with the TASER Pulse Battery today and step into a world where safety and reliability converge.

Note that this battery pack is not compatible with the Pulse+. The Pulse+ battery is two CR123 batteries that are user replaceable and found in many stores that carry batteries.

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