Authentic Throwing Stars

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Real Throwing Stars just like the ninja of old used to carry.

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The JL-SS3 is another one of our real throwing stars. Made of stainless steel metal, it has 6 points and flies straight as an arrow. Point to point, this authentic throwing star is about 4 inches across.

The included carrying case has a snap closure and an integrated loop so it can be carried on your belt.

A classic shuriken design, this Japanese throwing star is a must-have item in your ninja arsenal. Each point resembles a sharp arrowhead.

This is not a toy or a replica, but the genuine article. A unique and cool gift item that you can also hang on your wall for a decorative display.

The words, "Kohga Ninja" appear on the face of this martial arts throwing star.

Authentic Ninja Star

Real Ninja Stars

You'll spend hours of fun tossing this into a target board or even just a tree. And you'll be deadly accurate in no time at all. Become a real ninja. Order your real throwing stars today and look forward to practicing a fun and history-rich art. We have many other ninja stars for sale that you can choose from.

Weight: Approximately 1.5 ounces

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