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The pen knife is a nifty little self-defense item. It looks exactly like any regular pen because it is one and writes like one, yet it conceals a small and very sharp blade.

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Easily Concealable Ink Pen Hidden Knife

Unveil the power of discretion and defense with our Pen Knife, a masterful blend of everyday utility and hidden security. This elegantly designed pen not only serves its purpose as a high-quality writing instrument but also houses a razor-sharp blade, seamlessly combining style with the essence of personal safety. Crafted for the vigilant and the discerning, this pen knife is your silent guardian in plain sight. Whether you're signing documents or preparing for unexpected challenges, this pen ensures you're always equipped

The sharp little penknife can serve as a letter opener, box cutter, or self-defense item. Another great feature is the hidden knife pen actually works! You can use this ink pen in front of people, and they won't know its secret.

knife pen

Available in an array of sleek colors—Black, Gold, Red, Silver—it's the perfect addition to your EDC collection, offering a lightweight, easy-to-carry solution that doesn't compromise on performance or appearance. Elevate your readiness and sophistication; make the Pen Knife a staple of your personal security toolkit today.

It's great for self defense, but also comes in handy as a regular writing pen.

There is nothing difficult about the operation of this pen knife. It is easy to use as a pen and as a knife. The top is simple to pull off, revealing the pen blade, but safe enough to carry without accidentally hurting yourself.

You just pull apart the two ends, and the stainless steel business end will be revealed. Its sturdy design prevents the penknife from being easily broken as well.

These versatile cutting instruments are actual pens that could save your life. Obviously compact and portable, they look like ordinary writing instruments but feature a multi-purpose 2.13-inch blade that is revealed by pulling the two halves apart. The color options are Black, Silver, Gold, or Red

Hidden Pen Knives in Four Colors

pen knives

Red Ink Pen Knife

They are easily concealed so you can take them with you just about anywhere. No one will think that this expensive-looking writing instrument actually contains a hidden blade that can be unsheathed very quickly.

Nice looking and writes nice too! Keep one of these writing pen knives in your shirt pocket and keep another one in your binder so you'll always be prepared.

Read about What is a Pen Knife? on our Blog.

Get one for yourself and get another for a nifty gift item for a co-worker or even a relative. Order now.

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I am very happy with my purchase. Easy transaction without having to create an account. I will definitely recommend buying from tbotech.
Looking forward for my next purchase.
Exactly what I wanted
Amira Wooden
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Excellent Quality, Writes well, Sharpe Blade.
???? ???? ???? REAL REVIEW ALERT!! I loved my purchase from I received my order within 3 days after ordering! SUPER FAST SHIPPING. My item came in a bubble mailer with my receipt and a free pen! I highly recommend this company. If you had any doubts I hope this review sealed the deal. I definitely recommend for self defense products, or any other product purchased from them!!! No disadvantages with my order whatsoever!!
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