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Seat Belt Cutter and Window breaker make this vehicle escape tool a must for any vehicle.

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This Car Emergency Tool will help you get out of the vehicle quickly in the event of an accident. The few precious seconds you may have can literally mean the difference between your living and dying depending on the situation. Use the blade to cut through your seatbelt. Use the pointed hammer to break out a window so you can escape.

8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool

This unit has 8 functions to help you in an emergency situation.

  • The USB car charger plugs into the 12 volt DC receptacle for charging cell phones and tablets.
  • It also charges the internal battery as this unit has a 1400mAh power bank built in for portable charging. Will charge most cell phones twice when fully charged.
  • The super sharp seat belt cutter cuts through a seat belt with just one swipe.
  • There is a bright 120-lumen flashlight.
  • Has an adjustable neck so you can aim where you want it to.
  • It also has a red flashing light for signaling.
  • Use the magnet on the bottom of the auto tool to mount to your car.
  • The built-in glass breaker hammer is hidden in the positive pole of the car charger. Just aim for the corners of the windows where the weakest points of the window are and swing the glass breaker into the window to escape from the car.

Measures 5 13/16" x 1 1/8"

Vehicle Escape Tool

Vehicle safety. You may have followed the story of the three college girls who went missing while on a stargazing expedition in North Dakota.

They were later discovered in ten feet of water, hidden by tall grass at the bottom of a pond. Authorities say they probably drove straight into the pond because they were unfamiliar with the area and couldn't see in the dark.

It doesn't seem like much when I think about 10 feet of water. But when a car is submerged, the whole situation changes. You must know exactly what to do should this ever happen. There is no room for error.

The moment you enter the water, your mind races, and you panic as you reach for the seat belt. The car will begin to sink and tilt vertically because of the weight of the engine, and water will begin to rush in. The most important thing to do is NOT follow the bubbles. Air is escaping through the trunk because the car is sinking head-first and will likely turn upside down.

Escape a Vehicle in Water

  1. Immediately open a window if you can. If you cannot get a window down, use your Emergency Hammer. This tool will break a window instantly. It is important to keep this tool in a very accessible place.
  2. After the window is opened or broken, unbuckle your seat belt. If you do this before opening a window, you will likely be swept to the back of the vehicle with the current of the water. If the seat belt is jammed, you can also use the cutting tool to cut it.
  3. Prepare any passengers as the vehicle is sinking. Get out and swim to the surface. The longer you stay in the submerged car, the lower your chances of survival.

Remember to break a window first! Create an escape path immediately. If you don't, you will have to wait until the car is almost fully submerged and pressure has equaled out. Then try lowering the window, breaking it with your seat belt, or brace yourself for kicking it out.

With this Emergency Hammer, you have a glass breakage hammer and a seat belt cutter all in one.

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