How Window Alarms Protect Your Home

There are countless ways to improve home security, but one you may not have considered is window alarms. Available in several different styles, you can use these alarms to alert you to intruders and even children who are opening windows without permission. When you are ready to make improvements to the security of your home, consider the many benefits of window alarms.

Early Warning Alarms

Burglar Window AlarmWith a window alarm on every window in your home, intruders cannot quietly enter a room in another part of the house. Whether the window is broken, rattled or actually moves, the alarm will be activated and you will know that there is a problem. The noise will probably scare away the intruder, and your family will be protected.

Informed and Alert

Every year children fall through open second-floor windows and are seriously hurt or even killed. While you may know to open the top part of the window, the danger still exists if your child knows how to open the lower pane. Nailing windows closed is dangerous and makes it harder to get out in a fire, but window alarms will give you the protection you need. If a child opens the window without permission, you will be notified before something tragic happens. These alarms are also the perfect solution for parents of older children if you want to know when they try sneaking out after hours.

Appropriate for Doors

In addition to securing windows, most of these alarms are also suitable for use on doors. They are ideal for protecting sliding doors and any other window or door in the home. With these alarms in place, you will know that your family is safely inside and intruders are thwarted from entering.

Magnetic Connections

Many alarms work using magnets. When the window or door is properly closed, the connection between the magnetic contacts is intact. When the connection breaks, the alarm will sound. The technology is very basic yet highly effective. An integrated on/off switch allows you to turn the alarm off if you want to have the doors or windows open for any reason.

Vibration Sensing

Intruders enter through patio doors by shaking them hard enough to disengage the lock. Windows that are broken provide easy access to interior door locks, and sometimes just shaking a window can force a lock open and allow an intruder to enter. With the Glass Guard Window Alarms, that vibration will set off the alarm. There is no wiring necessary, and the alarm will notify you if the glass is hit, knocked, cut or broken.

Dual Duty

The Door and Window Sensor is attached to doors or windows to help protect your home. The sensor detects vibrations and will alert you if someone is trying to break into your home. It also sounds the alarm if a door or window is actually opened. It only requires a 9-volt battery, and these units can easily be used to safeguard doors and windows throughout the home. Used in conjunction with the Complete Security System.

Personal Alarms

People who are really considered about their safety will appreciate a personal alarm. In addition to coming with a sensor to ensure that a door or window stays closed, the Dual Purpose Personal Alarm also features a wrist strap with buckle clip that you can keep with you.

Dual Purpose Alarm

If you pull the cord from the clip, the alarm will sound to attract the attention of others.

Whether you are trying to keep young children from opening windows or you want to know that your home is secure from intruders, window and door alarms are highly effective at making your family safer. Incredibly affordable, these sensors can be used throughout the home to make sure your family is protected. Invest in one for every room, and you will start sleeping better at night.