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Auto Dialer Wireless Alarm Security System

This modular and self-installed system provides enhanced security to your home or place of business. This is not a monitored service so there are never any fees.

Includes an indoor door or window sensor and a motion detector sensor to get you started. When that door or window is opened or if someone comes in the room where that motion detector is placed, the alarm will go off. The keypad base-unit will also immediately call you so you can take action.

When you get a call from your alarm system, you'll have the option to

  • Listen in and hear what is going on inside the house,
  • Broadcast your voice through the base unit so that whoever is in there will hear what you have to say (such as the police, or your neighbor is on the way),
  • Or you can simply disarm the unit if you determine that everything is ok.

All of these modules are interchangeable and work together. You can create your own unique wireless security system.

You decide which components you need to use. If you only want two windows and one door protected, then that's all you need to get. Up to eight different security sensors can be used in conjunction with each other so you can have a comprehensive perimeter security plan.