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HD Spy Pen

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This hidden camera contains a super small camera with a mini DVR to record all the action. It even writes like a normal pen.


This spy pen is a self-contained system. This hidden camera contains a super small camera with a mini DVR to record all the action. It even writes like a normal pen. It has its own power and its own built-in video recorder. It will charge plugged into the wall or when plugged into the computer.

A true "Spy Pen"

Spy Pen CameraYou do not have to be James Bond to have a hidden camera in your shirt pocket, recording all the action around you. Anyone, thanks to modern technology, can have fun with this Spy Pen, or have it handy for any situation that might arise.

Perfect camera for "body worn" application. Just click the top of the pen like you would any ballpoint pen to start recording. Can record for a full two hours on a single charge. Recordings can be later downloaded via high-speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing and storing.

Hidden Pen Camera Records in HD

The HD hidden pen camera has a crystal clear 1080P video resolution and stores the footage on a 16GB memory that will store about 2.5 hours of video footage. The HD resolution ensures that your videos are smooth and clear even when there is a lot of movement. It's super easy to operate just one button operation.

Turn the pen on: click the button once to start recording and click it again to stop. When you are ready to watch your videos just plug the pen directly into the computer's USB port, no special cables or software needed (works just like a flash drive on MAC/Windows)

Imagine the fun you could have (since we assume you're not doing any espionage.) Discover the simple solution you'd have if you really needed to do some discreet recording.

This also makes a great gift, and most males between 13 and 53 would love one of these.

Put in your shirt or coat pocket and you get about 2 and a half hours of recording time per charge.

16Gb of storage. Open the spy pen and connect directly via USB to view the video on your computer.

This digital pen can also be used as a thumb drive. Save files from somewhere else and bring to your computer.

Records Video Only - No Audio

Easily download to computer via high-speed USB.

Conduct covert surveillance - These spy cams can be used for many covert situations. P.I.'s, Detectives, Under Cover ops.

Can also be used for fun!

For only $141.00, you get a true spy pen that records 2 hours of video.

• Is a working ballpoint pen with exchangeable standard ball-point refill.

• Suitable for any computer and other equipment with a USB port.

• USB2.0 Standard port, no need for drivers and external power supply.

1920 x 1080 video resolution, 4032 x 3024 photo resolution, battery life about 2 hours, charging time 2 hours, 16GB memory, works with Windows and Mac OS.

The floor is yours!

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