Fake Rock Key Holder

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This stone safe key hider is a realistic looking rock that contains a secret compartment just right for hiding a key or another small object.

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So you've locked yourself out of your house, and you don't have your keys. What do you do? You reach down and pick up a rock that you've strategically placed. You take out your key and let yourself in. Problem solved!

This stone key hider is a realistic-looking rock that contains a secret compartment just right for hiding a key or another small object. It blends right in and can save you time and frustration. Just about anyone can use this discreet diversion safe since rocks are everywhere. How out of place would a rock look outside?

Hide a key in a rock - the out-in-the-open hiding space. A fake rock for hiding a key.

Rock Key Hider

It looks like a rock but hides a key.

Stone or Rock safe

Are you hiding a spare house key under your doormat or under a flower pot on the front porch? This is the first place thieves will look to gain access to your home. With the Rock Hide a Key, you will never be locked out again. Only you and your family members will know the secret place where your key is hidden.

No Stone Left Unturned Before Thieves Find Spare Home Key

There is a special type of camouflage key hider on the market today that will literally leave no stone in your yard or garden unturned before thieves find spare keys to your home. This special key hider comes with a highly ingenious design: it looks and feels like any other plain and completely natural rock. But within it is a built-in hiding place for your spare keys.

Safety in Design Variety

To provide better protection, many manufacturers deliberately use a unique and inconspicuous design for each and every rock key hider they produce. This way, there is no use for thieves to memorize the size, appearance, and form of every stone they encounter.

How to Maximize the Use of Rock Key Hiders

Spare keys are manna to thieves. They eliminate the need for covert and risky break-ins and give thieves a royal welcome to your home and property. Purchasing rock key hiders is only the first step to protecting your home. The next step is to find the most effective ways to use them.

Aim to Blend

These work especially well when you have gardens or yards that have existing rocks in them. If not, leaving a single rock on your front door would be too conspicuous by itself. You need to seriously consider building a naturally stone friendly area at home to make effective use of one. If you already have such a place in your outdoor landscaping, the next thing you should do is choose a particular design that will blend well with other rocks in the vicinity. The shape is not a critical factor, but the color, size, and texture are all important.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Location is also critical. You need to position your fake rock key hider in such a way that its location will not call attention to itself. Of course, you can’t make it too difficult to find it yourself either. That will only lead to an unnecessary waste of time and effort on your part. It’s thieves who should have difficulties looking for your spare keys and not the homeowners themselves!

If and when you find yourself locked out or you've misplaced your keys and you need to use the spare set you’ve hidden, be sure to change the location of your key hider when putting it back. It might seem like overkill if no one’s around to see what you’re doing but still, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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