Pistol Crossbow

Our pistol crossbow has a powerful draw, cocking lever, adjustable sights for elevation and wind compensation, safety, durable fiber construction, and comes with three plastic bolts (arrows). Bolts travel at 200 feet per second with pinpoint accuracy up to 60 feet.

Use it for hunting small game, getting rid of pesky rodents, target practice or just for fun. This pistol crossbow has outstanding performance and is powerful, portable, and tons of fun.

NEVER dry fire (shooting without an arrow loaded) your pistol crossbow or you will wear out the string very quickly. Extra arrows, strings, and wax available. Reapply wax after every 8-10 shots to prolong string life.

If you've never shot a pistol crossbow, you can't believe how powerful it really is. The pistol crossbow gives its user far more power and accuracy than a traditional bow.

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Pistol Crossbows