Hidden Knives for Self Defense

Hidden blade knives are best used for concealing whether or not you have a self-defense weapon. Each knife in this category of products has a blade that is hidden from view until you take it out and expose it.

Step into the realm of concealed self-defense with TBOTECH's exceptional collection of hidden blade knives. Our arsenal of covert weaponry is designed to keep you safe without revealing your tactical advantage until the crucial moment.

Why Opt for Concealed Self-Defense Knives from TBOTECH?

  1. Sleek and Stealthy: Our selection of self-defense knives is engineered for stealth. Enjoy the element of surprise with knives that remain discreet until deployed, giving you the upper hand in unexpected situations.

  2. Versatility in Concealment: From pen knives to comb knives, our range is diverse yet united in its focus on discreet protection. Choose the perfect hidden blade that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

  3. Everyday Carry Essentials: Practicality meets self-defense. Our knives are compact, easy to carry, and designed for everyday use. Whether you're in an urban environment or exploring the outdoors, stay prepared with concealed weaponry.

  4. Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our concealed self-defense knives feature high-quality materials, ensuring reliability and sharpness when you need it most.

Explore Our Exclusive Range:

  1. Pen Knives - EDC Favorites: Concealed in the guise of a pen, these knives are our bestsellers. Small in size, functional in writing, and always ready for self-defense, making them the perfect everyday carry item.

  2. Comb Knives - Style Meets Defense: A nifty and lethal transformation hidden in plain sight. Our comb knives are a stylish way to carry a concealed weapon, turning a routine accessory into a formidable tool. Find even more plastic self-defense knives.

  3. Lipstick Knives - Compact Power: Small but mighty, our lipstick knives pack a punch. With a slashing motion, you can unleash a devastating defense, keeping attackers at bay.


At TBOTECH self defense store, we prioritize your safety with a commitment to delivering top-notch self-defense products. Explore our Concealed Self-Defense Knives collection today and equip yourself with the discreet power you need for personal protection.

Stay guarded. Stay concealed. TBOTECH is your partner in self-defense.

Pink Comb Knife
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A simple, harmless comb at first sight, this covert piece transforms into a useful knife measuring almost 7 inches in length. The blade is 3.5 inches.   No Sales to California, Massachusetts, or New York.
BrandsTBOTECH Choose ColorPink
In stock
The pen knife is a nifty little self-defense item. It looks exactly like any regular pen because it is one and writes like one, yet it conceals a small and very sharp blade.
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