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Having something to defend yourself with isn't always practical. You can't always carry a firearm or a knife with you everywhere you go. That's what makes carrying one of these tactical pens perfect for always having something on you . Strong enough to be used as a glass breaker, both ends of...

Having something to defend yourself with isn't always practical. You can't always carry a firearm or a knife with you everywhere you go. That's what makes carrying one of these tactical pens perfect for always having something on you. Strong enough to be used as a glass breaker, both ends of this tool can be used to fend off an attack.

Made of tough aircraft aluminum, this pen is not just something to write with - although it does that beautifully. It's a compliance tool you can use to inflict pressure pain, a window smasher to gain access through glass, and a yawara stick all in one.

Removeable Pocket Clip

It has a lightweight yet hefty feel to it so you know it's not just a regular ball point and it gives you the mental edge knowing it can be used to protect yourself with. The rugged look to it adds to it's coolness factor but is clearly identifiable as a writing utensil.

Tactical Pen - Multipurpose Self Defense Tool

Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool
Handheld Self Defense Tool - Tactical Pen

This is a real writing pen with a pointed tip that can be used in a self defense situation to jab or stab. The end tip of the pen can be used as a glass breaker. This pen has a black or silver finished textured aluminum body for easy grip with window smasher tip and a pocket clip for easy carry.

Similar to using a kubotan, this handheld self defense tool can be used to jab at an opponent or deliver a crushing blow using either end of the pen.

Keep one in your shirt pocket and one in the car. Not classified as a weapon, you can quickly employ this discreet item and deliver a devastating blow. A sharp jab to the eye or any soft area is going to produce the desired effect.

A quick and simple twist extends the pen for use as a writing instrument. The pocket clip can be removed if desired.

Tactical Pen with Extra Refill. Yes, includes an extra refill - Schmidt P950.

Pen Measures approximately 6" x 1/2".

This is a great gift for any man. Whether birthday or a Christmas gift, any man would be be happy to receive one of these and be proud to carry it with him. Solid construction and practical. Comes in a gift box for easy wrapping if you chose to give this as a present.

Silver Colored


Silver Tactical Self Defense Pen

The Benefits Of A Tactical Pen

Everyone likes to feel safe. Whether it be safe from the dangers of other people, or simply safe from worrying about not having the tools you need, safety is one of the most necessary feelings people have. Unfortunately, safety isn't always easy. There are a huge number of dangers out there, and you can't prepare for all of them.

Many people would say that carrying a gun or a knife will help keep you safe, and that may be true. Certainly, a gun gives you a lethal weapon to use against potential attackers. A knife gives you a potential weapon, as well, and also allows you to have a tool should something come up. However, both of these things have their problems.

Guns are disallowed in many places, and there's a lot of social problems in carrying around a lethal weapon. Even if it is your constitutional right to carry one, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to carry everywhere. And knives face the same problem. They're potentially lethal weapons, and many people will always see them that way. They can also make you more of a target for anyone looking for trouble. If you have a knife but they have a gun, they may decide that you're still an easy target, and feel justified in attacking you because if you weren't looking to get attacked, you wouldn't have been carrying a weapon. Faulty logic to be sure, but no one ever accused criminals of being rational.

Luckily, there are certain tools that you can carry that will function both for self defense, and for proper tool use. The tactical tool is becoming a huge product market these days, and for good reason. Most tactical tools give you a self defense weapon, and a functional tool that can be used in any situation you might need such a tool for.

And what could be more useful than a pen?

What Is A Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is a writing implement designed for tactical use. Tactical pens are ballpoint pens, since ballpoint pens are much sturdier and more functional than fountain pens, in a casing that allows it to be used for tactical purposes.

A great example of a tactical pen is the tactical pen sold right here by TBOTECH. It has a casing made out of tough, airplane grade aluminum, and is shaped to allow an easy grip that won't slip. This gives it several uses, not just as a pen but as a self defense weapon and a tool.

Because of the hard casing, it can be used to shatter glass should that be necessary. In the case of a car accident, you might need to get yourself out of the car through the windshield or a window. Likewise, you may need to help someone else out of a crashed car via the same avenues. With a solid tactical pen, you'll have the tool you need to break the glass. This means that should the worst happen and you find yourself in a car crash out on an abandoned road, you won't have to hope and pray you have cell phone service. You can rescue yourself.

A Proper Self Defense Weapon

Not everyone is comfortable carrying a lethal weapon for self defense. A tactical pen is a self defense weapon that works to deter criminals, but is unlikely to cause lethal damage. It's sharp enough to puncture the skin or soft body parts such as the eye, but not so sharp as to cause deep stab wounds. This means that should you stab a person, you won't have to worry about having a corpse on your hands.

In addition, the heft and hardness of the aluminum casing means it works incredibly well as a compliance tool, inflicting pressure pain. Pressing the rounded end of a tactical pen into a joint or the right nerve cluster is a sure fire way to bring the pain to any person who's attempting to resist. It can also be used as a yawara stick, allowing you to have a weapon that can add force and impact to your fist strikes. This makes it a multi-purpose self defense weapon. If you're worried that your fist strikes simply can't do enough damage on your own, you'll have the tool you need to keep yourself safe.

The Tool You Need

Some people belittle the idea of carrying around a tactical tool. They claim that the world is not a dangerous enough place to need such a tool. They claim that it's unlikely enough that a person will get attacked that there's no need to carry around a self defense weapon.

That may be true (for some people), but there's no reason to take that chance. TBOTECH allows you to make absolute certain you're safe and secure. Don't take a chance with your safety. Have the tools you need easy at hand. Scroll back up, choose which color you'd prefer, click the Add to Cart button and complete the checkout process. You'll have your new favorite pen very quickly.

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