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When it comes to home security, you have probably heard the term perimeter defense. In a nutshell, this simply describes the necessity of protecting the outside of your home from would-be intruders that might attempt to burglarize your residence when you are gone, or even worse, if you are actually at home. In this article, we will present several options that you have in regard to protecting yourself and your loved ones from criminals that may try to infiltrate your residence.

What Is Perimeter Defense?

There are many descriptions as to what perimeter defense actually means. For instance, you could actually put up a fence around the perimeter of your home in order to prevent people from getting in. Although this may not keep intruders out, it gives them something to think about when it comes to home invasion. Other forms of perimeter defense involve using home alarm systems and installing the proper lighting outside, especially infrared and motion detectors that can detect intruders outside even during the night. These types of tactics will usually prevent someone from trying to come onto your property in order to rob you, but there are more specific ways to protect your home when it comes to defending your property and family.

Infrared Alarms and Motion Detectors

Perimeter Defense - Infrared Alarms and Motion DetectorsIf you have the money to do so, one of the best investments that you can make is by installing infrared alarms and motion detectors. These devices work by either turning on lights, or setting off audible alarms when an intruder is detected. In most cases, the best detectors can actually observe certain areas of your property up to about 90°. The moment that someone walks into this region of your property, it will set off the alarm, and hopefully cause them to leave. These types of devices work by monitoring any type of motion using infrared technology. Therefore, once it is on, any movement will be registered causing the alarm to be set off.

Best Places To Install Infrared Alarms And Motion Detectors

In most cases, having four of these set up, pointing to all four corners of your property is the best way to protect your property. Although most intruders will not approach the front of your home because it will be in plain sight, you should at least have two detectors at the back of your household. Positioning them in high places, and also in locations that are not easily noticeable, is best. If an intruder is thinking about breaking in, they may not see the detectors installed. This will confuse them once the alarm goes off, causing them to think twice about ever returning again.

Adjusting Motion Detectors And Infrared Alarms

Depending upon where these devices are installed, you are going to have to make a few adjustments. In most cases, there will be a sensitivity setting, usually adjustable by turning a screw either clockwise or counterclockwise. The reason that you want to adjust the sensitivity level is that you may have bats, birds, and various animals that may cross your property at any given time. By adjusting the setting, it will only detect people entering your property. Otherwise, it may go off continually, providing false alarms that will be unwanted.

Wireless Motion Detectors

The best type of infrared alarm or motion detector to purchase are those that can be adjusted from a remote location. If you do not have to hook up any wires, it will make the installation much more simple, and adjustments to the devices may also be remotely controlled. Additionally, if the alarm does go off, you also have the ability to turn it off remotely without having to physically disarmed the device. Modern technology has made it possible to control these devices from your computer, as well, making them very easy to install and operate.

The protection of your family and your household is of utmost importance, especially in our world today. Therefore, installing some form of perimeter defense on your property is something that you should seriously consider doing.

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