Hinged Stainless Steel NIJ Handcuffs

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NIJ approved to meet standard 0307.01, these hinged handcuffs reduce movement for the highest restraint and control.

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The Police Force Heat Treated Stainless Steel Hinged Handcuffs are built to keep you safe when you need them most. NIJ approved to meet standard 0307.01, the cuffs feature a hinged design that restricts movement and provides you with a high level of restraint and control.

The heat-treated stainless steel provides extra strength, durability, and reinforcement, while a double locking mechanism is there to guard against tampering.

Double Locking Police Handcuffs

The double-locking mechanism stops the handcuffs from getting tighter if the suspect struggles. Without the double locking feature, handcuffs can overtighten around the wrists causing painful indentations and reduced blood flow.

The pushpin locks the cuffs in place with 20 positions and prevents over-tightening. Two keys are included, so you never have to worry about losing your key because you have a spare!

Police Handcuffs

The hinged design of these police handcuffs allows more flexibility for the police officer making the arrest. If the suspect is intoxicated, unruly, or generally resisting arrest, this type of cuff prevents them from excessive movement once in place.

And as long as one cuff is on the wrist already, a simple twisting motion of the other cuff elicits a pain response by digging into the arrestee's wrist. A suspect can be controlled using the free cuff as a method of compliance.

This makes these restraints unforgiving and more uncomfortable while you're transporting them to be booked into jail.

Hinged Handcuff Features:

  • Double Locking to help prevent tampering
  • Pushpin to lock cuffs in place and prevent over-tightening
  • Stainless Steel for extra durability and reinforcement.
  • Never worry about misplacing your key because you have a spare.
  • Warranty


  • 1 Set of Hinged Stainless Solid Steel Handcuffs
  • Pair of Handcuff Keys
  • Instructions 

Hinged Cuffs

Made in Taiwan with the highest quality components, the Police Force Stainless Steel Hinged Cuffs are covered under a one-year warranty.

If you are looking for a model connected by a chain, we do have chain handcuffs available to order as well.

Both items increase the safety of the officer and have tamper resistance properties built in, like our thumbcuffs.

Check out our other security equipment, including batons and pepper spray products.

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