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We carry extra recharging cords in case you lose yours or would like an extra. Fits Streetwise and Jolt model stun guns.

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Extra Charging Cord

These recharging cords fit the Streetwise line of stun devices.

ERC-4 Extra Recharge Cord for All Streetwise and Jolt Stun gun models.

All of these items do come with a recharging cord in their package, but you can purchase an extra one in case you have misplaced it or would just like to have another one handy - keep one at home, keep one at the office.

Enhance Your Readiness with the Essential Extra Charging Cord for Streetwise Stun Devices

In the world of personal security, being prepared is not just an option—it's a necessity. That's why having an extra charging cord for your Streetwise stun devices is a practical choice for anyone who values reliability and readiness. The ERC-4 Extra Recharge Cord is specifically designed to fit all Streetwise and Jolt stun gun models, ensuring that your device is always charged and ready for any situation.

Why Consider an Extra Charging Cord?

  • Compatibility: Perfectly fits all Streetwise and Jolt stun gun models, providing a seamless charging experience.
  • Convenience: Comes as an additional accessory to the original cord included in your stun device package, offering you an extra layer of preparedness.
  • Flexibility: Keeping one cord at home and another at your workplace or in your car ensures you can recharge your device wherever you are.
  • Optimal Performance: Regular charging maintains your stun gun's effectiveness, ensuring it delivers maximum power when needed.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: A fully charged device means the built-in flashlight operates at peak luminosity, enhancing your ability to disorient a potential threat with blinding light.

Stun Baton and Stun Gun Recharging Cord: A Closer Look

The stun baton recharging cord allows for strategic placement of charging stations in the locations most critical to you, whether that's at home or in a professional setting. This ensures that you're never left without a fully charged stun device, ready to provide you with the confidence and protection you deserve. Observing a dimming light on your device signals it's time to connect it to your trusty charging cord for a power boost.

Similarly, the stun gun recharging cord is a must-have for those on the go. It's common to notice your stun gun's charge depleting at inconvenient times—perhaps while commuting or running errands. Having a charging cord within reach allows for a quick recharge, ensuring your stun gun is primed to deliver its defensive capabilities without fail. A fully charged stun gun not only guarantees optimal electrical output but also ensures the integrated flashlight feature shines as brightly as possible, giving you an advantage by disorienting an aggressor with intense light.

Dedicated to Streetwise and Jolt Products

This charging cord is specially designed for Streetwise and Jolt products, underscoring our commitment to providing tailored accessories that enhance the performance of your chosen personal safety devices. If you possess a stun device from another brand within our range, we recommend exploring the Stun Master Recharge Cord for compatibility options.

Investing in an extra charging cord is more than just a convenience—it's a strategic decision to uphold the readiness and efficacy of your personal defense tools. Whether you're at home, work, or on the move, the ability to recharge your stun device ensures you're always prepared for the unexpected. Don't let the absence of power compromise your safety. Equip yourself with an extra charging cord for your Streetwise and Jolt stun devices today, and step into the world with enhanced confidence in your personal security setup.

This cord is for Streetwise brand products and Jolt products.  If you need a cord for another brand we carry, please check out the Stun Master Recharge Cord.

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