How to Prevent Kidnapping

How to Prevent Kidnapping

Kidnapping is a very real threat, wherever you may be in the world or whatever city you may live in. It's not just a problem in third world or politically unstable countries. Each year, tens of thousands of adults and children go missing due to kidnapping, the reason for which may not always be related to money. To protect yourself and your family, here are tips on how to prevent kidnapping:

How to Protect Yourself from being Kidnapped

Find Alternative Routes
If you think there is a threat, find other streets or highways you can use when driving from home to work and back. Kidnappers rely on your routine to track you down and then look for a time when you're most vulnerable to an attack.

Use Pepper Spray to Prevent KidnappingDo Not Accept Rides Offered By Strangers
Once you get into a stranger's car, you are at their mercy. They could either incapacitate you or hold you hostage and you might not have an opportunity to defend yourself.

Secure Your Home
Kidnappers don't always snatch their victims off the streets. They can sometimes begin the attack right in your own home. To prevent kidnapping from your own property, close your doors and gates and install locks or alarms. The more secure you are inside, the more difficult you will be to abduct.

Let Someone Know Where You're Going
If you must meet a new acquaintance, make sure someone knows where you're going and who you're meeting. Leave word with a family member or friend about where you're headed and if possible, give the name of the person you're about to meet and other details you might know.

Meet them in a crowded place, or somewhere other people can see you. Heavy human traffic is a major deterrent for kidnappers and may just save your life.

Tell Your Child to Never Talk to Strangers
Train your children to avoid strangers, even if they seem friendly and offer gifts. If a stranger asks for help, tell your child to refuse and to call the attention of an adult immediately. If a gift is being offered, tell them not to accept anything.

Arm Yourself with Self Defense Weapons
Other than a gun, there are weapons and gadgets you can carry with you that are very effective for preventing kidnapping. Pepper sprays, for example, are very effective for stopping an attacker and giving you sufficient time to incapacitate him/her and escape.

A stun gun is also a very important self defense weapon to bring to help prevent a kidnapping.

Kidnapping stun gun

A stun gun is capable of bringing a sufficient jolt of electricity to shock an attacker, rendering him/her helpless for a few precious minutes so you have time to run away.


don't give out information on facebook i didn't give my location where i live at facebook has some psycho paths they'll do anything to find where you live at be careful

How can I protect myself when I’m trying to protect my children as well and get them hooked into their car seats knowing someone is watching me but also right in my path to go back inside and get help.

you could also hide a knife in your bra if your a girl or hide it in your underwaer if your a guy. but you could also get peolples attention if you are in a public place.

Pepper spray can and blow back if the wind shifts, YOU CAN END BEING THE VICTIM OF YOUR PEPPER SPRAY. NOW YOU'RE OUT OF THE FIGHT!

Like you said every year tens of thousands adults and children go missing due to kidnapping most kidnapping suspects make a mistake leaving evidence behind like a syringe or rag they use to drug the victim unconscious and the kidnapping victim has been bound and gagged

I have a word of advice to anyone be careful when going on Facebook recently someone had been sending me threatening messages about kidnapping me someone I knew she was coming on to me all of a sudden she begins sending me threatening messages about kidnapping me I rejected her advances that's what happened to me I warned her that you can be charged with first degree kidnapping I deleted her profile from Facebook she went too far

Kidnapping is a serious threat like you said the kidnapping suspects take the victim of a kidnapping across the state lines the county sheriffs department can't pursue the kidnapping suspects the f.b.i. And the u.s.marshals are called to locate the kidnapping victim and the suspects the kidnapping victim should always carry a cell phone and dial 911 and give them a description of what the kidnappers look like

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