The Groin Kick for Self Defense

Groin Kick Self Defense

In self defense, the groin kick is considered as one of the most effective means of fighting off a man and rendering him helpless. Although the effect is generally temporary, it can buy you enough time to escape or even disarm your attacker. But is it really that effective as a self defense tactic? Here are some things you ought to know about the groin kick:

If your attacker is a man, he's probably expecting a groin kick

Men know that a well-placed kick in the groin can be very painful. The groin area, particularly the part where the male genitals are, is extremely sensitive. There are more nerves in this area and the underlying tissues are not as well insulated or protected by a good layer of fat or muscle.

Groin Kick

Male attackers know this and are more likely to be wary (and ready) for attacks to the groin. Their instinct will help prevent any part of your body from hitting their groin and thus protect them from pain.

Use the element of surprise

Kicking the groin as a self-defense tactic can be very effective if it is performed when your attacker least expects it. If your attacker can stop a groin kick or if your attack does not have enough force in it, you will simply anger your attacker and give them more reason to harm you physically.

The best and most effective way to use the groin kick as a defensive tactic is to unleash it as a surprise attack. If your attacker doesn't see it coming, the more effective and debilitating it can be.

If you must use the groin kick, make sure your attacker doesn't see it

Another important thing to remember about the groin kick is to use it at close range. That way, you are sure of your target and are more likely to make a direct hit. The crotch area can also be accessed more easily from a close angle.

Don't always rely on 'kicking'

When people are instructed to use a kick as a self defense tactic, they think only about using the foot or the knee as a means for an attack. However, in a real-life emergency situation, your knees or feet may not always have the necessary leverage or room to commence an effective groin kick.

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If your knees or feet have no room to move to perform a groin kick, consider using other parts of the body, including your hands or elbows. If necessary, you might even consider using a tool such as a stick, a bat, or a rock.


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