Best States for Gun Owners

Best States for Gun Owners

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an amendment written into the Constitution at America's founding. Like the pursuit of liberty, this is a right integral to a truly democratic nation, one where individual freedoms are not limited in light of a higher power's interest.

However, America has an intriguing and healthy mixture of voices, many of which are pronounced in state laws. As such, gun owners may find some American states more suitable than others.

Here, we've compiled a list of the best states for gun owners. Is yours listed?

Defining "Best"

It's hard to define "best" in terms of gun regulation, as different views are even shared among gun advocates. Perhaps a better term, then, is "loosest."

Consider the recent plight of Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann, who attempted to comply with California regulations by registering his AR-15 only to have his house raided and 12 felonies slapped on his record. You'll find no such states on this list.

Here, we're looking for states that keep the Second Amendment at their heart, allowing gun owners to enjoy some of the privileges the Founding Forefathers thought citizens deserved to have.

The Best States for Gun Owners

From the ability to carry without a permit, to allowing firearms in public places, these states are the very best for gun toters.

1. Arizona

Arizona has long been touted as one of the friendliest states for gun owners and is often credited with having some of the least restrictive laws. Here, citizens over the age of 21 may carry a firearm openly or concealed weapon without a license.

More recently, a law was passed to prevent background checks for gun ownership. Furthermore, Phoenix is known across the nation for its competitive shooting culture.

Currently, illegal firearms are mostly restricted to automatic firearms and modified shotguns. A convicted felon whose crime involved violence is not permitted to possess a firearm, as well as anyone deemed a danger to himself or others and imprisoned individuals.

2. Kansas

Like Arizona, permits are not necessary to carry an open or concealed firearm. This contrasts sharply with many other states where concealed carry permits are necessary.

Recently, Kansas enacted a law allowing permitless carry in public buildings. Public employees may even have a firearm with them at work and university students over 21 can carry at college.

Further, Black Rifles and NFA items are not prohibited in Kansas.

3. Missouri

Missouri is one of a few states allowing open and concealed carry without a permit. In this state, those 19 and older are permitted to carry. Access is limited to felons or those deemed mentally unfit to handle weapons.

The Show-Me State also allows teachers to carry weapons at the discretion of their public schools.

4. Alaska

It may surprise some, but Alaskans are no foe to pro-gun legislation. Permits are not required for open or concealed guns and local authorities cannot regulate firearms.

In an effort to avoid issues with other states, The Last Frontier offers concealed carry permits to avoid any complications when citizens wander beyond state lines.

Residents are permitted to carry in state parks as well as in liquor stores.

5. Wyoming

Wyoming also allows permitless carry for residents. Further, it recognizes permits from all states that issue them.

Wyoming is one of only a few states that does not have a law requiring mental health records to be submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The state also allows schools to decide if they want their teachers to carry firearms.

6. Georgia

Did you know that in Kennesaw, Georgia every head of household is required to have a firearm? While it's not enforced, the city does boast a 50% lower rate of violent crime than the national average.

Unlike many of the other states we've discussed, The Peach State does require a permit for a concealed carry and open carry. However, Georgia has recently attracted quite a bit of attention for its attempts to loosen gun laws.

In 2017, the NRA even held its annual conference in Atlanta.

7. Montana

In Big Sky Country, registration and permits are not required to own or purchase a firearm, but residents do need a permit for a concealed gun. Gun dealerships also enjoy relaxed laws, and background checks are not required to purchase a firearm.

Many speculate the gun laws here are lax because of the low population density. Either way, it certainly ranks as one of the best states for gun owners.

8. Mississippi

Down by the river, you'll find plenty of folks who are pro-gun, and the state laws reflect this culture.

In 2012, the governor signed a law permitting citizens to carry concealed firearms. Although the law is fairly complicated concerning where residents can and cannot carry, it was one of many recent steps towards looser gun restrictions for the state.

Registration of firearms is not required and NFA items and machine guns are not prohibited.

The state is also known for Mid-South, which trains in self-defense shooting. Unfortunately, courses are reserved for police and military personnel.

States to Avoid

Now that we've covered your go-to states, it only makes sense to discuss the states gun owners should avoid. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • California: In California, you'll oftentimes find an openly hostile attitude towards guns, and the laws that exist are restrictive, confusing, and elaborate.
  • New York: New York isn't far behind California. It has successfully banned magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammo, forcing owners to turn their guns in or transfer them to a different state.
  • Maryland: To justify receiving a permit, you have to provide evidence of a "clear and significant threat" on your life.

Gun owners should steer clear.

Other Defensive Items

Was your state on our top eight list of the best states for gun owners? If not, don't stress.

Check out our arsenal of weapons and safety equipment at our website. You don't have to own a gun to be safe, and many of our gadgets are both obscure and useful.

And every lawful gun owner knows weapons are a means of security.

While many scoff at gun owners, writing them off as overbearing pessimists, you need only to consider a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson to understand gun advocates' beliefs: "Shallow men believe in luck; wise and strong men in the cause and effect."


Utah just became Constitution Carry this year (2021). It is not open carry but you can carry concealed without a permit. The state legislature has been pushing this for years but our former Republican governor too liberal and kept vetoing those bills.

Why isn't Florida on your list. It is very good with gun laws.

California gun laws are a bunch of ridiculous nonsense. They lack any common sense and can easily be violated if you aren't acutely aware of them. Never the less. I would take California gun laws over New York's any day. We here in California have to live under the tyrant and majority rule of the liberal which equates to a lot of ignorant people who have no idea about firearms or the people that own them writing laws, voting on laws, and passing draconian laws. New York makes California firearm laws look like a utopia though.


West virgina should be number one best state for gun owners open carry is legal without permit at 18 years old and after 21 concealed carry is legal without permit as well basically as long as ur not prohibited to own a firearm and dont have anything fully auto that was made after 1986 you're good to go. I open carry two twelve inch long 6 shooters and conceal carry them as well on and off all you have to do to own a legal firearm is get ur gun registered and pass a background check and ur good to go. You can even open carry a 12 gauge pump on your back with no problem or worries and people dont even give you a second look lmao our right to bear arms will NOT BE INFRINGED lol


If your State is having problems, don't blame anyone but yourself and your neighbor. Vote like your life depends on it. Educate everyone you know, starting with yourself, your family, your friends, etc. Do what the Democrats do, let your anti-2A friends become former friends and let them know that you don't like them siding with those Communist that want to take away our rights, our civil liberties, explain it to them before you tell them they are no longer welcome. The line has been drawn and the left is quickly advancing upon it. Use their own tools against them, while using education to wake them up, then dismiss them like an old girlfriend does to their old boyfriend. We don't need codependent, we need the God, the Constitution, and the Liberty and Freedom entrusted to us by our Creator. This is not a democracy which is the choice word of progressive socialist and communist. This is a Constitutional Republic with a balance of government powers and negative powers/rights of the people. Show people the Bill of Rights as a whole, then show them the Declaration of Independence, let them become speechless as the correlations become clear.


Michigan is not so friendly toward gun ownership. You need a purchase permit to buy a handgun and are submitted to a background check and waiting period then when the gun is purchased you have to take it to the police and have it registered. If you're an ex felon which the state calls you a felon the rest of your life even if your time is served and they will not allow felons to own a firearm even for hunting and Michigan is a big hunting state. You have to have a permit to carry and you are limited in which building you may carry the gun into.


Please mention New Jersey for a state you do not want to go to! Even a plastic BB gun/Pellet gun requires you to have a License to carry and a permit... The state is nuts and getting worse with their attacks on 2A.

Idaho, everyone forgets about this open carry state!

“Here, we're looking for states that keep the Second Amendment at their heart, allowing gun owners to enjoy some of the privileges the Founding Forefathers thought citizens deserved to have.”

Here, is the very problem that is being promoted by so-called, pro 2A politicians & why this list is so short. The founding fathers never implied these were privileges but did say they were unalienable RIGHTS....rights that self nor government can take away. Until that really sinks in the minds & hearts of not only our political leaders...but in the minds & hearts of this country’s CITIZENS (not subjects), it will never change without a rebellion. Kind of like 1776 all over again. Think about that!


West Virginia should be on this list

What about Arkansas? Permitless open and concealed carry, can carry even loaded and chambered shotgun in car or public.

I live in NYC. Just awful. You pretty much don't have second amendment rights here. They claim to be a "may issue" state. Yeah right, good luck with that. NY not only infringes your rights but their firearm laws are clearly established to discourage firearm ownership. The founding fathers must roll over in their graves concerning NY and NYC.

Washington state as of 2019 has some more restrictions on firearms. Avoid this state like the plague. California North. Used to be a firearm friendly state not so much anymore

New Jersey, Massachussetts, Conneticut, Hawaii, DC and Illinois are worse than California and Maryland. NYC is worse than all incouding NY state itself.

Georgia and Montana should not be on the top 8 list as both require a government permission slip before your rights are allowed. No state that requires permission should be considered as "Standing by the Second Amendment"

Idaho should be at #1 or #2 on your list. Constitutional carry, no BGCs if you have a permit, private sales and NFA items are OK, obviously no registration of any type, etc... Very strong "stand your ground" and self defense laws.

Montana does require background checks for dealers not private sales but does require the transaction only to Montana residents with a private sale sell to non resident Is a felony

ohio is fast to become a major 2nd amendment offender. ohio requires a nics fbi approval to purchase a firearm. the west virginia based office is full of misleading information it's useless you cannot contact anyone to help you when a firearm purchase is either delayed or denied by them concealed carry nis a beaurocratic red tape circle jerk. buy your guns from for sale by owner and avoid the nics disgrace. nics is currently working on 2016 apps.

Add Illinois to the AVOID list. Current Illinois democrat legislators (2019) have passed a law banning certain semi - auto firearms. Also, it requires registration for others and (anticipate punitive) fees $$$$ for registration.
Additional laws on the docket include Tax on firearm and ammo sales ( Cook County already has a "violence tax" on firearms (25$)and ammo sales ($.05) per round).
Also on the docket: anyone having an FOID card will have to report which social media outlets they frequent.
This is just the beginning as Illinois democrats are falling over themselves seeing who can come up with the most egregious firearm laws.
Welcome to the Stalinesque utopia called: The Peoples Republic of Illinois


I’m guessing Washington state will soon be on the “avoid” list with the passage of Initiative 1639.

Once enacted, to purchase a handgun in WA you will have to sign away your health information privacy, so that a state agency can review your health records and determine whether or not you should be allowed to have guns at all.

The initiative was promoted as “gun safety”. You will have to be 21 to buy a handgun. Safe storage will be incentivized. More paperwork, background checks, and “hoops” will be required for firearm transfers. But to buy a handgun you have to relinquish your HIPAA privacy.

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