Stun Guns Law in New Jersey

Stun Guns in New Jersey

Stun guns in New Jersey were previously banned under state law. However, a federal court ruled that the New Jersey laws were unenforceable as the law violated the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. This allows citizens to legally possess stun guns and tasers and use them for the purpose of self defense.

Are Stun Guns Legal In New Jersey?

The quick answer is, yes, they are. Both stun guns and TASER devices are now legal to own in the state and can be ordered directly from TBOTECH Safety & Security, LLC. Although they were previously not allowed, the recent court rulings made the NJ laws unenforceable. You can not be prosecuted for owning or possessing one of these self defense products if used in a lawful manner, such as protecting yourself.

Can you ship stun guns to NJ?

Yes, we can ship stun guns to NJ and have been doing so since the law has allowed it.  If you order a stun gun or Taser from TBOTECH, there are no restrictions on shipping to that state. There are no licensing requirements or need for a permit to own a stun gun in New Jersey.

If you are looking for a way to protect yourself, ordering a stun gun from TBOTECH will get your protection device in your hands in just a few days. You can carry your weapon on your side or in a purse and have it available to defend yourself.

What are the types of stun guns I can have in the state of New Jersey?

There are many different models of stun devices on the market today. You can get flashlight stun guns, disguised models such as the smartphone, or even longer-reach types of batons that have electrified strips on the business end of them.

All models are legal for you to have in the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Law Now Allows Stun Guns

Stun Master Lil Guy 60,000,000 volts Stun Gun

NJ Stun Guns - Allowed to be shipped and possessed

NJ Stun Batons - Allowed to be shipped and possessed

NJ TASER Devices - Allowed to be shipped and possessed

Stun Batons in New Jersey

Example of a Stun Baton now allowed in New Jersey

Feel confident walking down the street, going to the park, or walking your dog once again. TBOTECH has a full line of stun guns and tasers that you can choose from and have shipped directly to your home or business.

Law enforcement officers have been training with tasers per their use of force guidelines and policies for years. The non-lethal nature of these devices has reduced the number of deaths and injuries to both police and criminals. While there are still civil lawsuits arising from the use of force, the electrical discharge from these self-defense weapons has proven to be less lethal than firearms.

Orders ship the same or the next business day they are placed.  Order today, and we'll email you the shipping tracking number so you can follow its route on the way to your doorstep.


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