Pull Pin Safety Alarm

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Very loud alarm brings attention to your situation immediately! Carry with you for personal protection.

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Designed to draw attention to any crisis, our 130db PULL PIN PERSONAL ALARM is as loud as eight 100-decibel alarms. It is activated when the finger grip attached to the pin alarm is pulled. We recommend attaching your SOS Pull Pin Alarm to your keys so that it will be readily accessible when needed.

At the first sign of danger, simply pull out the pin at the top of the unit to activate the alarm and strobe light. This can be used to attract attention and scare off an attacker. Once it is safe, you can reinsert the pin to stop the alarm.

Portable Security Alarm

One great feature of this personal safety alarm is the easy activation, grenade-style pull pin. Even children and the elderly can slide their finger into the ring at the top of the unit to unleash a bright 350-lumen strobe light and ear-piercing 130 dB alarm that will scare off an attacker and summon help.

The alarm can also be attached to keys with the included key ring, then simply pull down on the body of the alarm to activate it.

It travels easily on your keys or in your purse. Includes two CR2032 batteries.

Wear it on your wrist, or waist, or carry it in your pocket or purse. Just pull the finger loop, and the siren will be activated.

As a Purse Alarm: Attach the alert alarm to your purse and the keyring to your belt loop or another part of your clothing. If someone takes your purse, the alarm pin will automatically be pulled and the alarm with sound.

To turn off the personal alarm, just plug the pin back in.


The 130db oscillating alarm is ear piercing! You will hear it.

Pull Pin Personal Alarm

  • Fast Activation Pull Pin
  • Ear-piecing 130dbalarm
  • Repels attackers
  • Bright Strobe Light
  • Brings immediate attention
  • Non-slip Grip
  • Compact size is great for home or travel: With an unbreakable plastic shell and small size
  • Perfect for keeping yourself and your property safe
  • Packaging Dimensions: 3.75" x 1" x 1.375"

Pull Pin Personal Alarm

Personal alarms' popularity has risen over the last several years. They are simple to use even in a panic or emergency situation, can be carried with you anywhere, and can be used by anyone from the elderly to children (some grade schools and colleges even give them to all their students).

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"4" thank you so very much .it screams .it's "LOUD " ........it's perfect alarm to attract attention !!
Pat L
Great little alarm. My wife and daughter have to walk to their cars at night. The alarm is loud and easy to activate. Also, great when you have to travel- no one really trusts those electronic swipe card locks.
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