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Basics on Staying Safe

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Basics of Staying Safe

Face it. Bad elements are out there — in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected form. The problem is that you cannot always spot them – and you cannot always avoid them. Some of these people lurk in restaurants, parks, parking lots, hotels and even in offices.

Because of this, keeping your guard up at all times is a must. Here are a few basic tips on how to stay safe anywhere:

Avoid deserted places. Avoid deserted areas as such a setting is advantageous for an attacker. If you’re going out to eat alone, choose a restaurant that has many customers. This will give peace of mind. Muggers would naturally choose not to do their thing in places where there a lot of potential witnesses.

Learn self defense. Self defense has already become a necessity nowadays. There could be times when you have to go to the restroom or parking lot alone. These are perfect settings for attackers. They could just put their arms around you like you are friends, drag you away and take your things off without anyone noticing it. At times like this, you should be able to fight and defend yourself.

Bring a pepper spray or a stun gun. Even if you do not know karate because you haven’t had the time to take lessons or you’re just not well-coordinated, this doesn’t mean that you will just have to put up with being a victim. You should try to do something to protect yourself.

Pepper spray, stun guns and a lot of self defense products are already available on the market. Some pepper sprays even come disguised in various forms (i.e. a lipstick tube). There are also sunglasses that have hidden cameras installed on them, and eyewear that would enable you to look behind your back.

These self defense products can be very handy. That pepper spray could actually buy some time for you to run. Having something to protect yourself with could even make you feel confident. So when you go out, make sure you carry at least one self defense product with you.

Be vigilant and stay alert. Always observe the things around you. Your instincts will tell you if there is something bad going on. The predators prey on the weak ones so try to stay and look alert.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to keep yourself safe. Remember, getting yourself ready for anything could always spell the difference between life and death.


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