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Box Housing Model

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You see these types of cameras outside attached to buildings or on poles watching the parking lot. The boxed housing contains the camera and sometimes a heater to keep the camera warm in cold weather. We've taken the housing alone along with a video cable and mounting bracket for you to use as a fake security measure.

Visible security measures decrease the likelihood that someone will do something they aren't supposed to do.

This surveillance camera housing acts as a dummy camera that looks just like the real thing. It is a real camera housing, just without a working camera inside. Features a flashing LED, real video cable, weatherproof aluminum housing, and fully adjustable metal mounting bracket. Installs easily using stainless steel screws.

The flashing red light gives credibility and draws attention to those who may be staking out the place. If a criminal sees the blinking light, he or she may decide to go on to an easier target.

Outdoor Housing Dummy Camera

Deter crime from parking lots or near entrances of store or business with this fake surveillance camera. Real life in appearance, but only you know the real deal.

DCOHL Dummy Camera In Outdoor Housing


  • Authentic video cable, durable metal housing and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Weather Proof: With its weather proof exterior this camera can be used anywhere.
  • Noticeable: Its size makes it highly visible during the day and at night the flashing red LED light guarantees that it will be noticed.


- Measures: 12" long (rain shield extends 2 more inches) x 4" wide x 4 1/2" tall (excluding mounting bracket).
- Operates on two "AA" batteries (not included). Will operate for approximately six months on one set of batteries.

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