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All batons i purchased have been made with highest quality!!

The breadth of products offered is really helpful, purchasing through the site is easy, and communication is excellent. The site itself could use some updates for searches. If you don't word the search exactly right, you end up scrolling quite a bit. I've purchased enough products over the past couple of years that I know where most things are, but I do still have to do multiple searches for newer items that I've not gotten before. (I would leave a 3-star rating here, but the site is not allowing me to click on the stars.)

Great quality product! It is exactly as advertised!

5/5 While it took a few extra days to arrive, it came as expected. No damage to the package and product itself. Customer service email replied within a day after I asked if the package was sent since I received no invoice number.

5 stars my order was ship fast

Excellent product so far...purchased 2 as xmas gifts. Great size as well.

5 stars

Site is easy to navigate with lots of different products for just about any self-defense needs you have. We've ordered from TBO-Tech multiple times and will continue to do so. Great customer service, too -- very responsive to questions, superfast delivery. 5 stars!

I have purchased 5 of the previous version of the Stun Master Stun Baton (Telescopic) for myself/friends/family over the past several years from TBO-Tech and all 5 are still fully functioning like new. We love them. This version of the Stun Master appears to be an upgraded version with more power. I love the comfortable grip/feel in my hand. I like it's light weight and the flashing strobe really temporarily disorients the target. So far, I am very satisfied with my purchase and recommend it whole heartedly.

Very well made, very solid. Great quality. Worth the cost.
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