Disguised Stun Guns

Now you can have your personal protector on you and
no one will know what you have until it's too late...

These disguised stun guns look like cell phones, perfume, lipstick cases, and even super bright flashlights. These concealed electronic stunners enhance your ability to protect yourself by allowing a surprise defense.

Being discreet with your self defense products can give you the element of surprise against an attacker. If they aren't expecting much resistance and you are able to shock them with your disguised stun gun, they may think again about whether to continue their attack against you.

You'll find many items here that you can easily conceal or use right in the open as with the stun cane or hiking stick. Choose your hidden weapon and be prepared at all times.

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A Stun Pen has always been a favorite for the clandestine type. Having an effective means of self defense while not showing off or giving away your defensive secrets is a major plus!
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