Charging Your Stun Gun

Charging a Stun Gun

Of course, you'll get the best results with a fully charged stun gun. However, once it is charged, it will last for a couple of months before you have to plug it back in to recharge it. If it's been a month since you last charged it, it will still work fine on an assailant. It may not be as charged as it can be, but it will still provide the necessary juice you need to protect yourself.

Test Firing the Charge of a Stun Gun

It's important to test-fire your stun gun periodically. You can tell the difference between a charged one and one that is not. The sound of the electrical crackle will not seem as loud or as strong on a stun gun that needs recharging. Remember to only test fire your unit for one second at a time. Test firing longer than that can damage a stun gun because the electrical discharge is not going anywhere.

Also, if it has a flashlight function on it like a lot of stun guns do, you can see the brightness of the light. A dim light tells you to recharge. Of course, if your stun gun stops working, then you should first try to recharge it.

The effect of a stun gun comes from the power of the batteries (either regular or rechargeable). The better or more charged the batteries are, the more juice the device will have to do its job.

Purple Runt Stun GunIt is best to have a fully charged battery on your stun taser, but you don’t need to obsess over it. Periodic test firing and regular recharging will keep it fully functional for self defense.

If you have a full charge, you can use your device many, many times. Just make sure to use the charger to charge it when you can.

How Long to Charge a Stun Gun

Generally, you need about 8 hours to fully juice up. Follow the instructions you received with your Stun gun to get an exact time to keep it plugged in. Many models have an indicator light that will switch from red to green when it has a full charge. Once the light changes, you know you"re good to go and ready to defend yourself.

You don't want to overcharge either, as that could damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. Remove the stun gun from the wall outlet when the time has passed, or you can see the indicator light has changed to inform you that it's fully topped off.

The internal batteries on flashlight stun guns are modern and high-tech. They can hold power for long periods of time and be fully recharged many hundreds of times before they wear out.

Properly taking care of your internal batteries by following the recommended times for recharge is the best way to ensure your self defense tool will last you for years to come.

As always, if you have any questions about anything, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

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Can I pack one of these stun guns in my checked bag for air travel? Lithium batteries are not allowed, and I don't know what kind of rechargeable batteries these have.

Kenzie, that sounds like a short inside. It shouldn't activate from turning the switch on.

My stun gun will discharge itself for a second once it’s turned on, but the button itself doesn’t make the discharge happen. Is this just due to low battery or could there be a short inside?

I have the 928 type high power electronic riot control taser and I've been charging it at least 10 to 11 hours and I still haven't gotten the green light indicating that it is fully charged,it's still the red light can you help Me?

I bought a Punisher Police style baton type stun gun. Been charging since yesterday. The spark hits the 2 prongs but not all the way around?? Light still red. Anyone out there can help me?

I believe this might attract ‘wrong-doers’ and not be used just in emergency protection.
I hope the ‘shock’ is much less than police versions.
I have considered one on the past in an area of increased break ins but live in a very comfortable neighborhood.
One of my concerns is how to identify the people who I might taze...who is approaching me or attacking me? I certainly don’t trust my use of a Tazor on the wrong people or occasions for just an uncomfortable occasion .
I am really concerned about looters using them on cops or civilians they want to rob. How do you keep these tazors from falling into the wrong hands?


How many times you use the stun gun before recharging it

I have a Rader that plugs into the wall to charge, but it's not fireing. How do I get this thing to work?!

If you have a model that uses a disable pin, make sure it is inserted. If it's not, then there will be no electrical discharge.

I have charged taser for two days. Light does not green and it still gives no reaction. Help

Hi.I bought a stun gun,but the seller told me not to charge it more than 1 hour even for the first time.How come?

I have recently been arrested for sec 5 firearm due to be pulled over by police in the uk kent area and had a tactical touch/stun gun in my door pocket, it was totally dead but has been sent off for testing, im obviously hoping this comes back broken as ive never seen it work at all only the touch has come on briefly for a while but no tazer? DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THEY BRAKE EASLY BY OVER CHARGING OR WEATHER OR NOT WHEN THE TOUCH WORKS A LITTLE BIT IT WOULD STILL DISCHARGE ABIT OF A STUN WEATHER THE BATTERY WAS VERY LOW OR NOT ? ANY INFO WOULD BE A GRAIT HELP, VERY WORRIED AS MANDORY SENTENCE IS 5 YRS FOR THIS. THANKS


Does anybody know how to trouble shoot the cheetah taser cuz my still works well the light works but the taser does not if can help me out I'll preciate it

My taser was given to me for my last birthday. Is there a difference with the charge time on a monster stun gun

Damien, Check the documentation that came with your tactical flashlight. It should tell you how long to charge the unit and if there is a color change in the light when it is fully charged. Continuous overcharging could decrease battery life but we haven't ever heard of one exploding.

I have a 1000000volt tactical flashlight taser it recomends 12hours of charge...its been charging for along while over three days(partial charges) will it turn green or will it over charge or posibbley exsplode?

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