50 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Sexual Assault

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  1. Mark says:

    Pepper spray is easy to carry and easy to use. A pocket stun gun is easy to carry, but requires direct contact with the attacker. Taser devices are more difficult to conceal and very effective up to 15 feet away, if used properly. No matter what your weapon of choice, buy from your products from a reputable dealer that sells top quality products and then learn how to use them, before you need to use one.

  2. EWPLDF says:

    Regarding Weapons:
    Only carry them if you know how to use them, practice with them and keep them properly maintained. If you get close, it’s pretty easy to disarm someone unless they really know how to use their weapon, and this means an unskilled person could be donating their weapon to the attacker. People should be armed, but they should definitely learn how to retain their weapon and be able to use it to their advantage.

    Regarding eye contact:
    A defense minded person neither seeks nor avoids eye contact unless dealing with a person in moderate proximity. Eye contact creates a connection with other people, often inviting interaction. For example, think what happens when you meet the eyes of a sales person, pamphleteer, petitioner or pan handler. Immediately they will call out to you, approach you or ask you to come to them, and then ask you for something. If you maintain physical distance and do not seek distant eye contact, they are more likely to bother someone else. That being said, never be seen as deliberately avoiding eye contact, as that appears weak and fearful. I think it best to return eye contact only if it is offered by someone else or if you are nearing reaching distance of someone else.

    Eye contact during combat:
    If you are in a position where you are about to fight someone, and are not an extremely experienced fighter, do not look into your target’s eyes immediately before attacking. A skilled fighter will see your pupils change size a half second before your throw your combative, giving them more time to block and counter attack.

    Finally, the advice on #45 may be slightly off the mark. If you hurt your attacker or bring them down, hurt them again for good measure while they are less able to block. If I am a smaller, less skilled or less fit person and manage to land a lucky attack that knocks a mugger off balance for a second, chances are the mugger will get angry, chase me and catch me if I immediately flee. If my first attack seems to work, I would follow it up with a more debilitating attack to make sure that they can’t chase me. If you kick a mugger in the crotch and he doubles over for a second, kick him in the knee, punch his throat, etc. If he goes down, stomp on or kick something and make sure he doesn’t instantly bounce up, chase you down and then wreak vengeance upon you. If someone is worth hitting once, they are worth hitting until you are sure that they can no longer threaten you. That brief moment when they are off balance might be your one and only chance to finish them off before they get you.

  3. Dawn Mular says:

    This is a practical blog with great things to think about. As a survivor of a violent sexual assault, I try to use my survival story as encouragement to others who have had the unthinkable happen, and had to come to terms with it.

    My assault happened in my home, and at the time would not have been available, but this tip could be useful for medical emergencies or to signal alarm.. Today most cars have the remote alarms, and it has way more use than just locking and unlocking your car. Keep your purse or car keys on your night stand whether in a hotel room or home. If something happens in the middle of the night, you can press the car alarm to scare off someone trying to break in– when you are worried that the call for help alone might not be enough.

  4. Roger says:

    Thanks for a great blog. There are many good tips to keep in mind. In reference to number nine, an expandable steel baton is an easy to care self defense weapon. With training and practice an expandable steel baton can give you a distinct advantage if confronted.

  5. N.Brown says:

    I feel that the # 1 resource a person has for self defense is education/knowledge….you provide this in your blog…kudos to you.


  6. Taser C2 says:

    Good solid info & love the pic of the guy with an egg beater! Learning how to improvise & use every day items to defend yourself is important. I saw a video of a guy who used a rolled up newspaper to jab into the neck of an attacker, which was pretty slick. I would never have though of that…

  7. Carol Harris says:

    like this very helpful

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