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The Ultimate Air Horn that Shatters Sound Barriers!
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Introducing the Safety Technology Air Horn: Unleash a powerful blast of sound with our cutting-edge air horn canister designed for unparalleled performance and attention-grabbing capabilities. Whether you're a marine enthusiast, sports enthusiast, or in need of a reliable signaling device, the Air Horn is the perfect solution. Engineered with precision and built for durability, this high-quality air horn delivers an unmistakable, ear-piercing blast that commands attention in any situation. Get ready to make a bold statement with the Safety Technology Air Horn and experience the power of sound like never before.

Air Horn Sound

The Air Horn is an essential tool for added safety on the water. Roaring at a deafening 129 decibels, it meets requirements for the US Coast Guard for boats up to 65 feet (20 meters). And don't just consider this product a boating solution–it can also be used as an effective self-defense mechanism.

This reliable and compact Air Horn Can fits easily in your hand, car, purse, backpack, or briefcase while providing a powerful and earsplitting sound wave that is sure to turn heads.

When you need added security, utilize your airhorn to send out a loud audible warning signal before or when you find yourself in harm's way. The impressive 129 decibels of sound is capable of scaring off assailants, wild animals, and other potential threats. Make sure to add this important safety tool to all of your outdoor activities for added peace of mind!

Using an air horn for personal safety can effectively draw attention to a potentially dangerous situation and deter an attacker. This safety horn emits a loud, ear-piercing warning to scare off threatening attackers and unfriendly animals.


  • Compact size 5 1/8" x 1 3/4"
  • Weight: 1.4oz
  • 129 Decibels
  • Can be heard up to 1/2 mile away
  • Meets US Coast Guard requirements
  • Approximately 70 1-second bursts

Sporting Events

Air horns are commonly used for Team Spirit and Fan Support at sporting events. Fans often bring air horns to sporting events to show support for their favorite teams. The loud and distinctive blare of air horns adds to the overall atmosphere and excitement, helping to create an energetic and engaging environment.

In some sports, such as soccer or hockey, fans may blast air horns to celebrate a goal scored by their team. The sudden burst of sound adds to the jubilation and creates an audible indication of the team's success.

Rallying and Cheering: Air horns can be used to rally and energize the crowd during key moments of a game. They can be sounded to encourage the team, boost morale, or create a synchronized chant or cheer.

Bring some enthusiasm to your next event and be that person with the loud air horn!

Enhance Your Wilderness Safety

While the Safety Technology Air Horn is a standout choice for marine and event use, it's equally effective in wilderness scenarios. If you're heading into areas frequented by bears or other wildlife, this air horn can serve as a crucial part of your safety toolkit. Its loud blast is excellent for making your presence known and can help deter wildlife from approaching. For those specifically looking for tailored wildlife deterrent solutions, explore our selection, including options like the Ultimate Bear Horn, designed to provide reliable safety in bear country.

Are you curious to find more info on these products? Check out our Air Horn FAQ page.

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