Feb 242014

Usually when most of us read about bad things happening, it’s from a safe distance away. It happens somewhere else, in another state, or another neighborhood. You really don’t expect it so close to home…but that’s exactly what happend this weekend.

On the way back from picking my daughter up from school, a police car with lights flashing drove it’s way through the narrow gap in the middle of the road as we all pulled over as best we could. Didn’t think much of it and drove the rest of the short way home.

As I turned into the road to my neighborhood, I was surprised to find about a dozen cop cars, ambulance, EMT, and a large fire truck up close to where my house was. As I inched further up the road, I wasn’t even able to drive directly to my house and had to take a side street and navigate a back way home.

As I got closer, the medical vehicles and the fire truck were all leaving without lights flashing. And as I pulled into my driveway, not two football fields from my house was a scene from a movie or show you’d see on TV. What remained was a slew of police cars all converged on a single home.

Of course all the neighbors were outside their homes trying to get a glimpse of what was going on. Through the neighborhood grapevine, we heard only that there nothing suspicious and no danger to the neighborhood’s safety.

We thought someone may have died in their home and that the massive police presence was just an over response. However as the day went on and into the evening, nothing was letting up. Crime scene tape got put up everywhere and it was clear that something unsettling had happened.

The TV news crews started to set up outside the perimeter with their tall antennae coming up from the top of their vans. The evening news informed us that police were investigating a death. Later on, news crews reported seeing two bodies being taken from the home.

There was little change to the amount of police even well into the evening so it seemed odd that they were still there in such large numbers after the bodies were removed. However, we still had no idea what had happened or how the people died. The 11 o’clock news gave no further information and we figured it would be all over by morning.

Not so! 24 hours later, it was the same as the day before. When the Sheriff helicopter started circling the neighborhood very low, it appeared they were looking for someone on foot. They kept going around and around right overhead and then started making wider and wider circles. That got us on edge for a bit as we still didn’t know what exactly was going on.

As the day went on they started to wrap things up and there were less and less police vehicles there. What ended up happening was a murder suicide. A man came to the house and shot his wife and then himself. They were separated and apparently had a history of domestic issues. In such a quiet neighborhood, this was quite a shock.

We feel bad for the couple and especially their families. Having something like this happen so close to home reminds us that violence can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Stay vigilant and do what you can to protect your home and family.

Feb 052014

There are plenty of options available for women to keep themselves safe from harm. But first let’s discuss the most important ones. Your brain and your senses help keep you aware of your surroundings.

Your brain and your Sense and a weapon for you.Keeping constant vigil on what’s going on around you will keep you from being surprised by an attack. While females are targeted more often than men, a women’s intuition is generally stronger than a man’s and can give early warning of potential danger.

Not only is staying aware going to pre-warn you of any upcoming danger, criminals in prison interviews have admitted to avoiding confident looking and self aware women for fear of them fighting back.

Criminals want easy targets, someone they can overpower easily and without much fuss. Giving off an air of confidence reduces your chances of being chosen as a victim.

Safety Weapons for Females

Now lets talk about a specific safety weapon for females that you can easily carry and use to fight off a rapist or other type of attacker.

True Pepper SprayThe number one female safety weapon I always recommend is pepper spray. A self defense spray is lightweight, easy to use and is something that can be utilized very quickly should the need arise.

When you’re in an unsafe place or even at night in a generally safe area, pepper spray should be in your hand, on your side, clipped to your purse or other piece of clothing where it can be easily grabbed. If going to your car at night is a regular occurrence, then you should have your spray attached to your keys and have them out and ready while you’re walking.

You always want to be able to quickly use your spray in a moments notice. While walking and you get that tingly feeling that something is just not right, that’s your intuition kicking in shouting at you to be more aware!

True pepper spray, not cs or tear gas, is the most effective form of defensive spray. While other types do severely irritate the eyes, nose and throat, OC pepper spray is an inflammatory. It INFLAMES the capillaries which produces massive tears to spew from the eyes. The nose, throat and respiratory tract are inflamed as well and makes breathing extremely difficult to do.

When you spray someone with pepper spray, they will have a very hard time just trying to get oxygen into their lungs, all the while not being able to see very good. When they try to open their eyes, they will be unable to because of the human body’s natural instinct to shut them. The intense pain from the hot peppers forces a person to keep them closed as much as possible.

One of the best safety weapons for women is to carry a pepper spray with them wherever they go and to not be afraid to use it. Get in the practice of getting it ready while out and about. Get your muscles used the movements necessary for getting the spray in the action position ready to fire.

But most of all, stay alert to your surroundings. Hopefully you’ll never have to use your spray, but if you do, use it with confidence – spray them fully in the face to be sure to get it in their eyes and nose. Once you do that, you will have an opportunity to get out of there and seek help.

If this person was going to harm you, call the police and give them a good description. With the Wildfire brand spray as pictured above, the attacker will also have a vegetable dye on them making it easy to the police to confirm.

You can find a variety of pepper sprays, stun guns, and personal alarms at TBO-TECH Self Defense Products, www.tbotech.com.


Feb 042014

I remember this story last year and seeing the brutal video of this guy beating on a woman watching TV with a child. It’s gratifying to know he is finally caught and that justice will be served.

It’s a good thing there was a nanny cam in the house able to see and record the whole ordeal. Prosecutors should have no problem convicting this guy and sending him off to jail for a good long time.


Nanny cam used to catch the home invasion

For your own home, here’s where to get a nanny cam.

Jan 302014

Of course you’ll get best results with a fully charged stun gun. However, once it is charged, it will last for a couple of months before you have to plug it back in to recharge it. If it’s been a month since you last charged it, it will still work fine. It may not be as charged as it can be, but it will still provide the necessary juice you need to protect yourself.

Test Firing the Charge of a Stun Gun

Purple Runt Stun GunIt’s important to test fire your stun gun periodically. You can tell the difference between a charged one and one that is not. The sound of the electrical crackle will not seem as loud or strong on a stun gun that needs recharging. Remember to only test fire your unit for a second at a time. Test firing longer than that can damage a stun gun because the electrical discharge is not going anywhere.

Also, if it has a flashlight function on it like a lot of stun guns do, you can see the brightness of the light. A dim light tells you to recharge.

The effect of a stun gun comes from the power of the batteries (either regular or rechargeable). The better or more charged the batteries are, the more juice the device will have to do its job.

It is best to have a full charge on your stun device but you don’t need to obsess over it. Periodic test firing and regular recharging will keep it fully functional for self defense.

You can find a variety of stunning devices here.

Jan 202014

One of the most restrictive places in America as far as being able to defend yourself with self defense products has heard from the people. The authorities in Illinois and especially Chicago, do not believe in a person’s right to defend themselves.

They have always had restrictions against using stun guns for regular people. You can purchase a stun gun in Illinois if you have an FOID card but most people don’t have one.

Guns have always been out also until just recently.

When Illinois opened up concealed carry on Jan 5th, the people spoke by overwhelming the system with applications.

Read more here:



Jan 152014

There are two different holsters for the Mace Pepper Gun – A Leather Model and a Soft Nylon version.

Both are excellent accessories for easy carrying of your pepper gun.

Item code 80106 is the leather holster and costs $27.95. It is molded for a custom fit and has a snap closure and belt loop.


Item code 80105 is the soft nylon one and it’s cost is $16.95. This case is durable and also has a snap closure and includes a belt loop.

Pepper Gun Nylon Holster


Either Mace Pepper Spray Gun Holster fits nicely on your side for quick access.

Pepper Spray Gun with Holster

Jan 132014

You’ll be hard pressed finding a stunning device in a department store. The retail giants are afraid of them since they can be considered a weapon and they don’t want to be seen as politically incorrect. Years ago, you could find them at your local Wally World but no longer.

Buy stun guns onlineNowadays, you have to buy stun guns online. Most states allow them for self defense and you can have one shipped directly to your home with no license, permit, or anything else. There are some states that have restrictions, but for the most part, you can order online and have it within a few days.

The exceptions to this are the following states: Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

In Illinois, you can purchase with proof of FOID card and in Wisconsin, you can purchase with proof of CCW permit.

A few places that do not allow them are: Philadelphia, PA, Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore County, MD, Washington DC.

Purchase Your Stunnning Device on the Web

Stun guns allow you to protect yourself by pumping your attacker full of electricity that overwhelms their muscles. The longer contact is made, the more effective it is going to be.

Most importantly, using a stun gun gives you the ability to get away. If someone is attacking you and you give them the jolt of a lifetime, they will let go of you. Once they do, you can get away from them and get yourself to safety.

The attacker may decide to find an easier target and they will not want to engage with someone who can protect themselves.
The choices are many for the different types of devices out there, but this site has plenty to choose from. TBOTECH has been in the stun gun business since the year 2000 and is well stocked on the most effective ones.

Click over to the stun gun category and peruse the options available to you. Online ordering is easy and you’ll have your product in no time.

Jan 092014

The purpose of a stun gun is to deliver a quick, non-threatening charge of electricity to an assailant during times of self-defense. There are different stun gun types. Some are designed to fire off electrodes connected to wiring at targets through the use of gas charges, similar to the way rifles or BB guns operate. There are even models that are disguised as cell phones and flashlights which would surely take your attacker by surprise. In terms of self-defense, stun guns have a lot of advantages to offer compared to other weapons used for protection.

Safety Measures: Safety wise, getting hit with a stun gun will not cause any permanent brain damage or severe long-term neurological injuries. At just 2 to 3 milliamps for most models, the voltages emitted by these guns are well under the lethal limit. This fact will ensure that any unintentional victims will not be permanently injured in the event that they are accidentally hit by a stun gun.

How to Use a Stun Gun Properly

In order to know if a stun gun is right for you, it is a good idea to read up on how to properly use a stun gun prior to purchasing one. Due to the different types of stun guns on the market, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to using a stun gun. Below are some general tips on how to use a stun gun so that you will at least get a rough idea of how to use one.

1. Read all safety instructions completely as manufacturers know best when it comes to how a particular model works.

2. Carefully take the stun gun out of its package, lifting it out of its holster. Make sure you hold the face of the gun (the part of the gun that emits voltage) away from you. Become familiarized with the feel of the gun, holding in a position that is most comfortable for you.

3. Locate the On/Off switch and turn it on. In most cases, a red light will indicate that the gun is on. Next, push the trigger button. You should hear a distinct crackling sound as well as see a visible arch of electricity that goes back and forth between the contacts.

4. Once you are done practice shooting, remember to turn the On/Off switch off and then place the stun gun inside of its fitted holster in a way that you can remove it quickly, when needed.

5. Carefully decide where you will carry your stun gun when you are out in public. Avoid keeping your stun gun locked away in a briefcase or stored at the bottom of your purse as these locations will do you no good in the event of an emergency.

6. There are situations when holding your stun gun in your hand at all times will be necessary. These types of situations include, but are not limited to: using the ATM at night, walking to your car at night, or walking around in a high-crime area.

7. The stun gun must come into contact with your attacker in order for it to work properly. The electricity will penetrate into clothing that is up to two inches thick. The best areas to place the stun gun on an attackers body are the hips, torso, and neck; however, any other part of the body will work too if you don’t have access to these areas. Hold the stun gun against your attacker until he or she falls down. The higher the voltage your gun supplies, the quicker your attacker will go down.

8. Once your attacker has been stunned, get away from him or her immediately and then call the police for help. Your attacker will be in a state of pain and will be unable to move his or her muscles for 5-30 minutes, depending on factors like age and body weight.

Convenience: Once a stun gun is fully charged, it can be used numerous times before it needs to be recharged again. Some stun guns can be recharged through the use of a recharging kit that gets plugged into your wall outlet, while others run on lithium or alkaline batteries that can easily be replaced. A stun gun is relatively small, making it a discreet weapon that can conveniently be stored in a jacket pocket or a purse.

As you can see, there are many advantages to owning a stun gun. Perhaps you are currently being followed by an unrelenting stalker or your fear that your children might get harmed in the event that a robber breaks into your home. We all have fears, real or imagined, and owning a stun gun can be a good start in providing some relief from those fears so that you can have the peace of mind that you deserve.

Dec 082013

The Li’L Guy stun gun is a small and compact, but powerful self defense tool you can be confident will help protect you should you be accosted.

It comes with a holster you can put it in and carry on your belt. This keeps your self defense weapon readily available so you can access it quickly when the need arises.

The Lil guy is a new generation of stun guns built with solid technology that allows it to deliver a superior stunning effect. You can literally hear the difference when comparing it to other, even much larger stun guns.

While smaller than any other stun device, the micro circuitry inside the unit delivers a stepped up output that clearly outmatches its bigger competitors. In fact, it has one of the strongest outputs of any stungun on the market.

Lil Guy Stun Gun by Stun Master

Although tiny and innocuous looking, its durable construction is evident as soon as it’s in your hand. There is a rubberized coating on it that makes it easy to grip and hold onto. Ergonomically correct, the controls are easily manipulated using only your thumb.

The on/off switch has three positions. From the bottom off position, you slide the selector switch up one time to use the very bright 120 lumen flashlight. The convenient LED light is useful when you need extra light at night opening a door, looking for something, or blinding an attacker by shining it in his eyes.

Sliding it up one more position engages the stun circuitry and a red light turns on indicating to you that the device is ready to give a serious shock. Once in the on/stun position, move your thumb to the discharge button and press it to deliver the shocking electrical effect.

The Stun Master Lil Guy stun gun is rechargeable and doesn’t need batteries. It has a retractable plug that extends out so you can plug it directly into a regular household outlet. There is a button on the bottom of the unit that you depress and then slide so that the plug prongs extend outward. This feature ensures you won’t accidentally extend the plug.

To retract after it is charged up, remove the unit from the wall outlet and then depress the plug button and slide it back inside. The plug remains hidden when not recharging.

Lil Guy Stun Gun - Pink, Purple, & Black

The size of this little stunner is only 3 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/4″. It can stay out of sight until you need to unleash its power.

Available in pink, purple, or black and can be purchased at www.tbotech.com

Nov 192013

Every little bit helps. From a deadbolt being used to having alarms and surveillance systems installed, the more you have helping you protect your home, the better off you’ll be.

“It’s all about protecting yourself with layers of security.” So says Detective Andy Mehl and it’s good advice from someone who knows.

Last week, three detectives and Sgt. Mark Marsh from the Edmonds Police Department shared their knowledge about home burglaries, identity thefts and scams at a meeting in the city council chambers. Dozens of residents learned about ways to protect themselves from common crimes and how to be proactive post-invasion. Read more here:


The crowd listens to the police department presentation.

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