A Voice of Reason In Self Defense

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Chief Craig of Detroit

We mostly only hear about how bad guns are. Seldom do we hear about the merits of being able to defend yourself. It is, therefore, refreshing and welcome to see an authority figure not only standing up for being able to protect one’s self, but actually recommending citizens legally arming themselves.

This story is of one such citizen whose life was saved only because he had his personal weapon on him during a car robbery.

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Chief Craig of Detroit

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says legal gun ownership in his city can help stop crime. (AP/Detroit Free Press)

In a city plagued by chronic unemployment and crime and guarded by a dwindling police force, residents of Detroit are increasingly taking protection of themselves, their families and property into their own hands. Those who do so responsibly have the blessing and backing of Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

“When you look at the city of Detroit, we’re kind of leading the way in terms of urban areas with law-abiding citizens carrying guns,” Craig said recently.

The chief’s call to arms, which first came in December, 2013, has been answered by thousands of men and women tired of being victims and eager to reclaim their beleaguered city.

Without this good man’s personal weapon on him, he would be dead and the criminal would be alive – probably never caught.

Kudos to Chief Craig for encouraging a responsible citizenry to arm themselves against the ever present violence in Detroit.

Afraid To Go Outside Alone?

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Don't be Afraid to Go Outside

To many people, venturing outside alone especially at night can instill a fear that can be hard to overcome. With all the news depicting the rising crime, it’s no wonder that feeling safe is something out of reach for a lot of citizens.

You hear about crime in the news just about on a daily basis, so your anxiety about going outside alone is well founded in reality. However, there are some steps you can take to help eliminate your fears. Possessing the mental freedom to walk around and conduct your business, i.e. shopping, walking, jogging, and just going from A to B should be something you can take for granted.

Man Peeking Behind TreeHowever, that’s not to say you should be naive either. You shouldn’t think “it” can never happen to you, but you also shouldn’t have to be concerned that “it” is about to happen to you either. A happy medium can be achieved by taking a few mental and physical steps to prepare yourself for whatever could happen.

Preparing to Leave the Home or Office

First off, you can realize that for the most part, the world is not filled with people out to get you. There are certainly bad people out there, but the majority of people you encounter are just like you. They’re trying to make a living, get the shopping done, visit friends or family, and get healthier by walking or running. They’re just as concerned for their well being as you or anyone else is.

Having to leave the safety of your home or workplace can cause consternation if you are not prepared to deal with the bad elements out there. In most cases, there is really no cause for concern. However, being able to deal with a threat will give you the confidence you need to go about your business. Having a safety product with you that will help you get out of a tough situation is your main line of self defense.

An Effective Form of Self Defense

One of the most effective forms of personal self defense is the pepper spray. Made of Oleo Resin Capsicum (OC), this protective spray has been a cornerstone of stopping an assailant for decades. While there are other forms of sprays such as tear gas, real OC spray has the immediate effect you’re looking for. That’s because it is an inflammatory agent and not just an irritant.

Don't be Afraid to Go OutsideWhat that means is that once the liquid gets into the eyes, nose, and throat of someone, the capillaries – which are the very tiny blood vessels in all of us – will swell up and cause involuntary reactions that a person cannot control. They will not be able to keep their eyes open and tears will flood their sockets. They will not be able to breathe very well and will start to cough and choke as their own body tries to fight off the chemical invasion. There will be an intense burning sensation all over their skin that really hurts.

As long as facial contact is made, you are sure to be able to get away as the affected person will have no other desire than to make the burning stop and get to a water source to flush their face and eyes with. Most sprays also have an infused dye that can be used to identify the attacker. Once you spray someone, get away as quickly as you can and call for help. The police will be able to ID who the person is by the dye all over their face.

You can obtain a self defense spray in many sizes from big to keychain sized small. Cost on these is minimal and can be found starting at under $10. If you have one of these on you when you go outside, you will have no reason to feel afraid. You will know that you’re able to fend off an attack easily and at a safe distance before they even get close enough to you.

Defensive sprays have these benefits:

  1. Extremely Effective
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Lightweight
  4. Used from a distance


Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Learning to become vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times goes a long way to providing a safety buffer. Walking tall and keeping your head up demonstrates confidence and gives you an aura of being someone not to mess with. Keeping aware of who’s around you also gives you a “head’s up” to see someone’s demeanor as they approach.

Criminals in prison have gone on record stating they are looking for someone who is not paying attention. Someone with their head down and just trudging along. Making eye contact with those you encounter shows you are paying attention and would be able to identify an attacker. This is exactly what they do not want.

Exuding the confidence that you can take care of yourself makes you a tougher target and one that most criminals would rather pass up. They do not want to deal with someone who’d give them trouble and would rather find a more docile, easier conquered person they can control.

With the protection of a pepper spray you can have that confidence because you know you have the ability to protect yourself. Not even those drunk or on drugs are able to defy basic human physiology. A blast of pepper spray to the face and anyone has to succumb to its effects.

Go Forth and Prosper

Armed with knowledge and a canister of pepper spray, you do not have to be afraid to go outside alone. If you’re a jogger, there are even cans made especially for running. Keep your head up, stay alert to your surroundings, and have the attitude that you are not a victim. Being confident makes you less of a target as the bad guys are looking for an easy score.

Keep your OC spray with you at all times and be prepared to use it if you need to. This means keeping it handy while you’re out. Hold it in your hand while walking to and from your vehicle or from place to place. It really is a show stopper and you can be sure that anyone who tries to stop you will find they’ve chosen the wrong person.


If you have a pool, you need an alarm

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We’re rapidly approaching pool season for most of the United States. People from coast to coast will be setting up and filling their pools, promising to themselves that this year will be the one where they actually make time to enjoy the pool. Sadly, on average around 900 children die each year from drowning, many in their own family pools.

A pool alarm is certainly no substitute for vigilance on the part of the parents and other care givers but it should absolutely be one of the tools used to protect children in the home.

A Pool Alarm Saves Lives

The Pool Protector Pool Alarm is simplicity itself. It has two components. The sensor unit rests on the side of the pool with part of it extending into the water. The second component is the receiver, which is placed anywhere within 200 feet of the sensor, such as perhaps the kitchen or living room of the home.

Pool Alarm

When the sensor activates, the receiver emits a 100dB alarm, easily loud enough to get the attention of everyone in the home. The alarm also sounds right at the sensor unit, doubling the amount of noise and alerting anyone who might be outside.

The sensor, once installed, cannot be deactivated. There is a sleep button that is activated when people are using the pool. When the sensor detects no movement in the pool for a certain period of time, it automatically reactivates itself. Also, the sensor will detect if someone tries to deactivate the unit and, if that happens, the alarm goes off. Many pool owners fear neighborhood children from jumping the fence and using the pool when no one is around. That won’t be happening more than once with the Pool Protector.

It isn’t just for detecting illicit pool use, either. In ground pools in particular can pose a serious hazard for those walking near them. Countless adults have slipped and fallen into the pool when they weren’t paying attention to where they were going. Fortunately, the vast majority of those accidents did little more than bruise the ego of those involved. Children like to explore and they love to explore places and areas that are off limits to them. As many a parent has found, children are little escape artists and can often find their way over, under, or through gates, fences, and other obstacles quite easily. You can’t always rely upon such devices to keep your children safe. A pool alarm provides that extra layer of security.

A pool alarm is not magical, though, and won’t create some sort of force field around the pool, preventing anyone from entering or falling into it. However, the alarm can provide you with those precious extra seconds to respond to an accident, something that certainly could mean the difference between life and death.

Hidden Camera Catches Boyfriend Doing the Unthinkable

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Here is another reason to stay vigilant concerning your children, even around people you supposedly know. That this was able to go on for so long is even more damaging for the child.

Piece of Slime

“RAYTOWN, Mo. — A Missouri mother used a hidden camera to catch her boyfriend allegedly taking nude photos of the woman’s 6-year-old daughter, police said.”

“After placing the camera in her daughter’s room with a clear view of the bed, the mother and her friend left the home to “run an errand.” A few minutes later, Bibby apparently entered the girl’s room and the hidden camera captured Bibby taking photos of the girl’s private area, investigators said.”

“…had been suspicious of Bibby in recent months, which prompted her to install the hidden camera”

Hidden Camera catches Pedophile – http://fox5sandiego.com/

I’ve always been an advocate of installing hidden cameras in your home to help you keep track of how your children are being treated. Background checks for nannies or caregivers is a good start but actually seeing with your own eyes how others interact with your loved ones is your best bet.

You can find hidden cameras and spy gear available by clicking on these links. It’s better to have peace of mind than to wonder and always having that nagging thought in the back of your mind.

Prepping for vacation

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Prepping for Vacation

What is vacation season for most of us is a busy time of year for burglars. They love to find an unoccupied home, one where they can take their time searching high and low for the good stuff. As you plan your next out of town vacation, take the time to make preparations to keep your home safe while you’re away.

First, keep your mouth shut about planned trips! Crooks and thieves frequent the same social media sites as you do. They are always searching for posts about upcoming trips and such. Don’t post about your trip until you’re back home. And whatever you do, fight the urge to make your friends jealous by posting pics of you and your family on vacation while you’re still out of town. I know, that can be nearly impossible not to do in this day and age. Recognize the risk of doing so, though.

Prepping for Vacation

Talk to a trusted neighbor about having them keep an eye on things while you’re away. Ask them to collect the newspaper every day, feed the fish, and take a walk through the home to check for anything amiss. You might go so far as to ask them to park a vehicle in your driveway so it looks more like someone is home.

You might consider having the post office suspend delivery while you’re gone. Otherwise, ask your neighbor to collect your mail every day. What I’ve found works really well is to give the neighbor one of those canvas shopping bags you see everywhere. They can toss all mail and newspapers right into the bag each day. Personally, I much prefer having my neighbor collect this stuff rather than suspend delivery. This way, I can access everything as soon as I get home, rather than having to visit the post office to grab it.

Timers work great for turning lights on and off in the evening. Consider adding a radio to the mix, too, so as to provide some audio as well as visual evidence that someone is home. Exterior lights are hopefully motion activated. If they aren’t, you might consider installing new lights, not just for your vacation, of course, but because motion sensitive lights are an excellent security tool.

Let the local police department know when you’ll be out of town. They can let the officers in your neighborhood know to keep a closer eye on the area. Be sure to tell them that you’ve arranged to have your neighbor check on things, too, so as to avoid any surprises.

If you are truly concerned about home security while you’re out of town, you could purchase one or more IP cameras. These transmit over a wi-fi system and you can access the footage in real time using a laptop or smartphone.

Plan ahead so your vacation isn’t ruined by what you find when you return home.

Avoiding the Violence of Riots

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Baltimore Riots

Despite the Gray family’s plea for peaceful demonstrations, innocent citizens of Baltimore are now victims of what many are calling an all out war. While the reasons may be justified, these actions are not.

We believe that the majority of Americans agree that proving a point and having an opinion about a situation does not have to – and shouldn’t – involve or end in violence. Would you agree that the meaning of this incident has now lost its value, no matter what side you are on?

What about those with no opinion at all? Those who do not take a side because they feel it is none of their business. What about our emergency responders, those who are sacrificing their lives to save others? Why are they being targeted? Why are these protesters throwing cinder blocks at a moving fire truck? What is that proving?

The Gray family has lost a loved one. No matter what his past included, he had a family who loved him and now he is gone. Is this further violence helping his family to grieve? The family asked for peace. The American people should respect at least that. Are we?

Baltimore Riots

Image Source: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/dgreenfield/black-violence-matters/

There are videos upon videos of innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire of these riots. Vehicles driving by only needing to get to their destination while dodging flying objects. People are running in the street avoiding getting in harm’s way to make their way back home, or to their job, or to a safe place.

Although it is obvious that the best protection is to stay away from a riot as violent as this, it is also important to make sure you carry something to defend yourself. What may start as something peaceful could turn violent the blink of an eye. Innocent bystanders should have the means to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Make sure you stay protected. Carry a stun gun or a pepper spray. Be aware of your surroundings. Leave when you feel uncomfortable about your safety. No matter your side, try to remember that violence only hurts further, it does not resolve anything.

Do You Overshare?

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Beach Trip

I’ll admit, sometimes I feel like a crusty old curmudgeon, even though I’m only in my 40’s. People today seem like they need to share every…single…detail of their lives with the entire planet. See, the problem with oversharing isn’t just that it is extremely annoying to many of us, it is also putting you and your family at risk for some pretty serious situations.

When you post how you’re getting ready for your trip to the Bahamas, we all know you’re just wanting to make everyone else jealous. We get that, really. But, you’re also telling people you won’t be home for a week or so. That’s an open invite for ne’er do wells to pay your home a visit. Same thing goes when you post pics from your trip in real time.

Beach Trip

Posting pics from the art class you’re taking? Do it often enough and it becomes rather easy to predict exactly where you will be on Wednesday nights from 6:30PM-8:00PM. Could be the bad guy isn’t interested in what you have in your home but would much prefer getting to know you up close and personal.

One of the more popular online activities is buying and selling on various rummage sale oriented sites and groups. Be careful with those, particularly if you’re posting pics of items you have for sale. Pay attention to what is visible in the background of the picture. Avoid showing things like big TVs and other electronics as those can be very tempting to criminals. They could make arrangements to buy the diaper pail you’re selling just to find out your address, then come back later for the TV.

Here’s a really scary one. The pictures you take with your snazzy smartphone are often embedded with GPS coordinates. With the right software, a picture downloaded from your Facebook profile page could lead someone right to your door, even if you’ve never posted your address anywhere online.

Something else worth considering – anything you post online is conceivably there forever. Even if you later delete it from your Instagram or whatever, it is possibly still on a server somewhere and could be there for all time. Think twice before posting that pic.

Oversharing isn’t limited to the cyber world, either. Those cute signs parents put in their yards, the ones that tell one and all how proud they are of their son, #57 on the football team? Yeah, that just tells people that during football season, no one is probably home on Friday nights.

Bumper stickers can be the worst offenders. The stick figure families? Many of them note the names of the kids, something child predators love to see. Couple that with the sticker that says, “I’m a proud parent of an honor student at XYZ Middle School” and they know who the kid is and where to find him or her. Lovely.

Take a good look at your social media accounts, your yard, and your vehicles. Are you oversharing?

The Perfect Spring Break Gift – Date Rape Drug Detector

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Praying to the Porcelain God

If you have a daughter heading off on a Spring Break vacation, you are naturally going to feel a little nervous about it. Every year, there are stories about young women being assaulted, often through the use of a “date rape” drug such as GHB.

Do your daughter a favor and pick up a packet of Drink Guard cards. They come in a pack small enough to fit into the tiniest of purses. The test itself is as simple as can be. Just put a drop of your drink onto the card and if the card turns dark blue, don’t drink your drink!

Date Rape Drug Detector

It is frighteningly easy to introduce a drug into someone’s drink. Passing your had over the glass or cup as you pass by is all it takes. The drugs used today dissolve quickly and usually have little to no taste. Given how strong the mixed drinks can be at parties, the victim is none the wiser, until the drug begins to take effect.

Date Rape Drug Detector

There are a few simple rules that, if followed, will go a long way toward keeping you safe when alcohol is involved.

1) Never leave your drink unattended. If you do, assume it is tainted and get a new one, using a new cup or glass.

2) Never go to a party alone. Always have a friend with you and watch out for one another.

3) Having a few drinks is fine. Getting so drunk you can’t stand up on your own is not. The idea is to have fun, not end the night praying to the porcelain god. Keep in mind, many of the symptoms of date rape drug ingestion mirror or mimic the effects of being drunk – dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and slurred speech. The more sober you are, the easier it will be to detect whether you may have been slipped a drug.

Praying to the Porcelain God

4) When in doubt, use date rape drug detector cards to test your drink. If you find your drink has been drugged, let your friends as well as the bartender and party hosts know immediately.

If you suspect you have been given a drug, let someone know immediately so they can keep an eye on you. Heading to the local emergency room wouldn’t be the worst idea, either, so they can monitor the situation and take action should it become necessary.

Dealing With Bullying

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Dealing With Bullying

The following is an excerpt from Prepper’s Home Defense by Jim Cobb. It comes from Chapter 13 – Children and Security.

For as long as there have been children, there have been bullies. I doubt there is anyone reading this who has never once been on the receiving end of bullying. An argument can be made that being bullied is a natural part of growing up. However, it seems as though bullying has changed quite a bit since I was a wee lad on the playground. Today, bullies are as apt to do serious, permanent physical damage as they are to taunt with colorful language.

Dealing With BullyingTeaching your child how to successfully deflect or stop bullying will lead to an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. Bullies tend to prey upon those who they feel are weaker than themselves, so the first line of defense, so to speak, is to put out an air of confidence. If a child causes the bully to believe their behavior will lead to injury or at least make them look bad in front of their peers, they’ll likely as not seek a different target.

It certainly isn’t politically correct to suggest this, but I’ve always believed the best solution to being bullied is to sock the bully in the nose. It is usually very unexpected and does the job quite well. When one of my sons was young, he was having trouble with a bully. He went through the official channels by reporting it to his teacher and other staff members but nothing changed. He was reluctant to respond physically as he was afraid he’d be the one who got in trouble, which of course is what the staff members told all students about fighting. I finally called a meeting with his teacher, the principal, the vice-principal, and the guidance counselor. As I recall, the conversation went something like this:

Principal: “Mr. Cobb, we understand your concerns. Do you have any suggestions as to how to deal with the situation?”

Me: “I’ve told my son that the very next time [bully’s name] touches him or even so much as looks at him cross-eyed, he is to punch him. If he gets up, he’s to punch him again. This will continue until he stays down. Maybe [bully’s name] will get it through his head then.”

Principal: “I don’t think we can condone that!”

Me: “You’re misunderstanding me. I’m not asking for your permission here. I’m just telling you ahead of time exactly what is going to happen. If you want a different course of events, then I’d suggest you step up your efforts to keep [bully’s name] away from my son and under control.”

Perhaps not too surprisingly, we didn’t have problems with the bully again.

Credit Card Protection

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Credit Card Protection Shopping

Like many people today, we do a fair amount of shopping online, especially during the holiday season. Back in late 2013, we purchased some music instrument gear for one of our kids for Christmas. It was at a fairly well known online store so we didn’t think too much of it. It just so happened, though, that the credit card we used for that purchase was one we don’t use very often and, in fact, that was the only purchase we made with that card during the holidays.

Credit Card Protection ShoppingFlash forward a couple of months. My wife monitors our credit accounts fairly close, both for budget reasons as well as to watch for possible fraud, given how prevalent identity theft is today. She found a suspicious transaction the day after it was made. Someone had tried using our credit card info to buy a bunch of custom ATV parts online. Turned out, the transaction had already been refused and voided because the person hadn’t provided the proper credentials online. Then, we found another transaction a few days later at another online store. Again, the company had caught the fraud and refused the transaction. So, we ended up not being out any dough, which was great. But, we had to wonder just where the info on that card had come from. The only place we’d used it was at the one store in December. We never did get the whole story but the card was canceled and new ones were issued by the bank.

If you have even just one credit card, you need to be very diligent about keeping accurate records on your end as to purchases you make. You also need to closely monitor the account so you can catch mistakes or fraud as quickly as possible. We were VERY lucky that the fraud was caught by the stores and the charges refused. Yes, credit card banks are generally fairly cooperative about investigating fraud and reversing charges but there’s still a lot of hassle involved. And that’s just if it is a one-off fraud. Those who truly have their identity stolen will tell you it is an absolute nightmare to get everything straightened out.

Many major credit card banks today offer a range of services, at no charge, that will help you monitor your accounts. At the minimum, see about setting up alerts for transactions above a certain threshold. What will happen is that if the credit card is used to make a purchase above the dollar limit you’ve set, you’ll receive an email or perhaps a text message letting you know. This happens within minutes of the transaction taking place. With some cards, you might even be able to set it up such that a representative calls you to make sure the purchase or charge was legitimate.

Another suggestion is to stop using a debit card for online purchases. Many banks, when you open a checking account, will offer you a debit card that pulls from that bank balance. That’s mighty convenient, yes, but the only time you should use that card is if you are making the purchase in person, such as at the grocery store or gas station. Using it online, should the info be stolen, exposes your entire bank balance to potential fraud.

Credit card fraud is alarmingly common in today’s world. It seems all too easy for crooks to obtain your info and buy all sorts of stuff, often shipping it overseas. Unfortunately, a credit card is all but necessary to have. You need it for renting cars and hotel rooms as well as making purchases online. Do whatever you can to protect yourself. Talk to your bank about the options available to you.