Stun Gun Batons

Empower Your Defense: Stun Batons for Maximum Protection

In the realm of personal security, the stun baton stands out as a formidable weapon that combines the extended reach of a baton with the incapacitating power of an electric shock. TBOTECH is proud to offer a wide selection of stun batons, including Streetwise batons, designed to provide you with an effective, non-lethal self-defense tool that ensures your safety in a variety of situations.

Features of Our Stun Batons:

  • High Voltage Electric Shock: Our stun batons deliver a powerful electric shock, capable of disabling an attacker, allowing you the chance to escape. The high voltage serves as a strong deterrent, making it a reliable tool for self-defense.
  • Built-In LED Flashlight: Enhanced with a built-in LED flashlight, our stun batons not only provide protection but also illumination in dark environments. This dual-purpose feature makes our batons a versatile item for your safety arsenal.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with rechargeable batteries, our stun batons are always ready when you need them. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constant battery replacement and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable power source.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Despite their robust capabilities, a taser rod is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and handle. This ensures that you can wield the device effectively, even in high-pressure defense situations.

Safety and Security at Your Fingertips:

TBOTECH's stun batons are crafted with your personal protection in mind. Whether you're facing a human attacker or deterring aggressive animals, our devices provide a safe distance between you and the threat. The physical baton combined with the electrical shock offers a two-tier defense strategy, making it a preferred choice for security personnel, police forces, and civilian use alike.

Our stun batons feature cutting-edge stun technology, delivering a high-voltage shock that can temporarily immobilize assailants (and dogs) and provide you with the critical seconds needed to escape or seek help

Why Choose TBOTECH Stun Batons?

  • Non-Lethal Deterrent: A taser stick is designed to incapacitate without causing permanent harm, aligning with self-defense principles and the importance of non-lethal options.
  • Handheld Security: The ergonomic design and easy-to-grip handle ensure that you can confidently wield the stun baton, delivering a defensive shock with precision.
  • Wide Selection: From taser batons to models with additional pepper spray features, TBOTECH provides a variety of stun batons to meet your specific self-defense needs.
  • Affordable Protection: We offer competitive pricing and sort shipping options, making it easier than ever to invest in your personal safety.

Explore our collection of stun batons today and take a significant step towards enhancing your defense capabilities. With innovative features, reliable power, and the added security of a LED flashlight, our stun batons are an indispensable part of your safety toolkit. Visit the TBOTECH store, add your chosen stun baton to your cart, and join our newsletter for updates on the latest in self-defense products. Empower yourself with TBOTECH stun batons, where safety meets functionality in the service of your protection.

Stun Gun Baton
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$4900 $4410
This rechargeable stunning baton is a great protection device for just about any situation. With it's extended reach, this elongated producer of painful energy is powerful and effective at warding off an attack. Stun Gun Batons are also great for breaking up dog fights or scaring a threatening dog.
Stun Stick for Dogs
Save 10%
In stock
$2995 $2695
This 40 Million Volt self defense weapon is rechargeable and has a super bright, 3 function flashlight with 3 modes: a high beam, low beam, and strobe.
Gator Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight
Save 10%
In stock
$6500 $5850
Protect yourself with the power of the Gator… This Military Grade Stun Baton Flashlight is one of the best tactical defense tools on the market today.
Shock Baton
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In stock
$5700 $5130
The Bouncer Shock Baton! One of the longest shock batons on the market at 22 inches long. Delivers a powerful electrical shock into your attacker!
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