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Since the first Attitude Adjuster was such a big hit, we decided to make it longer! The NEW Streetwise Attitude Adjuster 30,000,000 Stun Baton is 16.5" long and adjusts to 19".

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Expandable Stun Baton: Ultimate Self-Defense Tool

The Expandable Stun Baton combines the power of a stun gun with the reach of an expandable baton. Perfect for personal security and law enforcement, this versatile tool provides effective protection against attackers and even aggressive dogs.

Why Choose the Expandable Stun Baton?

The expandable stun baton offers unparalleled defense capabilities, ensuring you are prepared for any situation. With its extendable design and powerful stun feature, it provides both reach and stopping power.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Length: Extends from 16.5" to 19" for versatile use.
  • Triple Stun Technology: Delivers an electrical charge between three contact points for a larger stun radius.
  • Bright LED Flashlight: Features five light modes, including strobe and SOS.
  • Rechargeable: Includes a recharging cord for easy power management.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Built with high-quality components for long-lasting use.

Enhanced Reach and Versatility

This telescopic stun baton ensures you can keep a safe distance from an attacker while delivering a powerful electrical charge. Its adjustable length and robust construction make it a reliable tool for self-defense.

Practical and Easy to Use

The expandable stun baton is designed for ease of use and practicality. The heavy-duty belt clip ensures it is always within reach, and the rechargeable feature saves you money on batteries.

Effective Self-Defense

The combination of a powerful stun gun and extendable baton provides a versatile self-defense tool. The bright LED flashlight and loud electrical burst can deter attackers before physical contact is necessary.

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  • Spring Loaded Baton: This automatic spring baton instantly extends with a press of a button.
  • Keychain Baton: 12-inch extended baton is only 5.5 inches when closed and fits conveniently on your keychain.

The expandable stun baton is a must-have for anyone serious about personal security. Its combination of reach, power, and versatility makes it an effective tool for self-defense. Equip yourself with this reliable and powerful device to stay safe in any situation.

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This device is exactly what I needed to protect myself/pet when daily exercising!! It's a 10 from me. Thanks
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