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Did you lose your disable pin? (Yes, it's more common than you think)

Would like to have a spare wrist strap on hand?

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Disable Pin for Runt Stun Gun

Essential Safety Accessory for Your Runt Stun Gun

If you lose the wrist strap disable pin for your Runt stun gun, you can get a new one here. The pin fits inside the hole on the bottom of the unit, enabling the stun feature of the device. Without this pin in place, the device will not function.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ensures Functionality: The disable pin is crucial for the operation of your Runt stun gun. Without it, the stun feature is disabled, ensuring the device won't work until the pin is securely in place.
  • Safety First: The disable pin is a vital safety feature. If your attacker manages to wrest control of the stun gun from you and take it away, the pin would unplug, rendering the device inoperable as a stunner. This ensures that the bad guy can't use your own weapon against you.
  • Convenient Spare: Always have one on hand as a spare in case it gets lost. Having an extra disable pin ensures that your stun gun is always ready and functional.
  • Universal Fit: This pin fits all stun guns that use a disable pin, making it a versatile and essential accessory for various models.

Why You Need a Disable Pin

The disable pin is more than just an accessory; it's a critical component of your self-defense strategy. By preventing unauthorized use of your stun gun, it provides an added layer of protection. In a high-stress situation, knowing that your stun gun won't be used against you offers peace of mind and confidence.

How to Use

  1. Insert the Pin: Fit the disable pin into the hole located at the bottom of your Runt stun gun.
  2. Secure the Wrist Strap: Attach the wrist strap to your wrist. In the event that the stun gun is taken from you, the pin will detach, disabling the stun feature instantly.
  3. Stay Prepared: Keep a spare disable pin accessible. Whether at home or on the go, having an extra pin ensures you're always ready.

Order Yours Today

Don't wait until you lose your pin to get a replacement. Order your disable pin now and ensure your stun gun is always ready to protect you. Please note that this product is for the disable pin only; the Runt stun gun is not included.

Invest in your safety and security with this essential accessory. Browse our selection and add the disable pin to your cart today!

Ordering this product is for the disable pin only.  The Runt stun gun is not included.

This pin fits all stun guns that use a disable pin.

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