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SHAR-KEY Self Defense Keychain

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Three distinct striking points give you the upper hand. Fight back with the Shar-Key!


Be prepared with the Shar-key Self Defense Keychain because not all predators live in the ocean! This discrete patent-pending self-defense product can be easily attached to your keys and carried with you almost anywhere.

The Shar-Key

Pink Shar-Key

At the first sign of danger, you simply slide your hand through the middle of Shar-key and you are ready to defend yourself using the three distinct striking points. Don’t be a victim, bite back with the Shar-key Self Defense Keychain!


  • Three distinct striking points
  • Knuckle protection
  • Finger indentions for a firm grip
  • Metal detector friendly
  • Discrete protection
  • Great alternative to pepper spray

 Packaging for the Shar-Key

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