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Stun Gun Accessories

Welcome to our Stun Gun Accessories category! Enhance the functionality and safety of your stun gun with our range of essential accessories. From recharging cords to disable pins and high-performance batteries, we have everything you need to ensure your stun gun is always ready for action. Explore our collection and find the perfect accessories to complement your self-defense tool.

Recharging Cords

Never be caught off guard with a dead stun gun. Our reliable recharging cords are designed to keep your stun gun powered up and ready for any situation. Compatible with a wide range of stun gun models, these cords offer quick and efficient charging, ensuring your device is always at peak performance. Whether you need a replacement or a spare, our recharging cords are a must-have accessory for any stun gun owner.

Disable Pin

Safety is paramount when it comes to self-defense. Our disable pin is an essential accessory that provides an added layer of security. Designed to fit seamlessly into your stun gun, the disable pin prevents unauthorized use by disabling the device if it's removed from the wrist strap. This feature is particularly useful in situations where your stun gun might be taken from you, ensuring it cannot be used against you. Equip your stun gun with a disable pin for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

3.7v Lithium Ion Battery

Power your stun gun with the best in battery technology. Our 3.7v Lithium Ion batteries are engineered for long-lasting performance and reliability. These high-capacity batteries ensure your stun gun delivers maximum power when you need it most. With a focus on durability and efficiency, our 3.7v Lithium Ion batteries provide a dependable power source, making sure your stun gun is always ready to defend. Invest in our premium batteries to keep your stun gun charged and effective.

At TBOTECH, we are committed to providing top-quality accessories that enhance the functionality and safety of your stun gun. Browse our selection today and equip yourself with the essential tools to stay prepared and protected.

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