Personal Alarms

These panic or personal alarms are electronic devices that emit an extremely loud siren-like sound. You activate the screech alarm when attacked by an assailant or when the threat of an attack seems likely.

The loud sound draws much-needed attention to your situation and increases the risk of the bad guy getting caught. Your troublemaker will not like all the attention brought to himself and would likely want to find an easier target.

  • Great for Walking or Jogging
  • Carry with you when Traveling
  • Small, Lightweight, and Portable

A rape whistle is a loud alarm or whistle sounding device that will help bring attention to you if accosted by a rapist, mugger, or some kind of attacker. If attacked, you would activate the alarm or whistle and it will make others aware you need HELP and hopefully cause the rapist to want to leave you alone rather than bring attention to what he is doing.

You want it to be activated with your hands instead of you having to blow into it in case you are grabbed from behind and the bad guy has covered your mouth with one of his hands.

Scares Off an Attacker with their Worst Enemy - Attention

Although rape alarms can not actually disable an attacker, if used in conjunction with a stun gun or pepper spray, you will greatly increase your chances of escape.

Personal safety and keychain alarms are small, lightweight, easy to carry and perfect for women, men, the elderly and children. 

These small, convenient noisemakers will not take up much space. Lightweight and extremely loud, they give you the attention drawing capability you need when it matters most. Carry a keychain personal alarm with you wherever you go and use it to draw attention to any crisis.

While noisy personal alarms should not be used as a sole method of self-defense, it can be a terrific initial distraction which will allow you to use a weapon, pepper spray or martial arts techniques. Small alarms can also be useful to help protect your personal property.

We offer alarms you can carry on your keychain, on your wrist or place on your door.

Mini Personal AlarmA personal alarm is a device that emits an extremely loud sound when activated. Some types of alarms are basically motion-detector devices, while others have a manual activation.

Depending on what you need the alarm for, you can use them to sound an alarm if you are attacked, or place one on a doorknob and be alerted if someone enters your room. As these products are inexpensive, easy to use and very, very loud, they make a great addition to any one's protection methods.

If you own pepper spray or a stun gun and are worried that you won't be able to use them quickly enough during an attack, the personal alarm may buy you seconds of distraction during which you can pull forth your weapon.

The noise is very high decibel and will bring attention to the situation while possibly disorientating the attacker. Again, these devices alone are not enough for self-protection in an attack but are a good way to scare off someone or get help.

If you feel that you are at risk, you should invest in as much protection as you can.

College students, in particular, can benefit from the door alarms, as these can be placed on a dorm room door and will alert you and anyone within several feet to the presence of an intruder. Since so many statistics indicate that college students – particularly female college students – face a staggering number of attacks, you can feel safe at night with this device.

Interestingly enough, the Door Knob Alarm also helps reduce instances of sleepwalking, as it is touch activated and can wake up even the soundest sleepwalker. Whatever your reasons, a personal alarm is a good tool to have.

Keychain Personal Alarm

Keychain Personal Alarm