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Martial Arts - Beneficial to the Whole Family

We carry a variety of martial arts weapons and related gear to choose from. Click on any of the pictures below and you will be taken to that page. Ninja stars, ninja climbing gear including the Ashiko, Shuko, and grappling hook. We also have the ninja throwing spikes, tonfa, and a large assortment of popular martial arts videos.

Martial ArtsMartial arts are well known throughout the world; not only is it an ancient art form and a type of self defense,

it is part of a rich tradition that can be found in many parts of the world.

What some people may not know, however, is that martial arts also has tremendous benefits for today's kids. Not only does any form of martial arts – be it Karate or Tae Kwon Do – help your child develop coordination, but it can create an incredible boost to the self esteem. As self discipline is such an integral part of this sport, you child will learn self control as well.

Studies have shown that exercise can create a sense of well being, mostly because exercise stimulates a chemical in the brain known as dopamine. Low levels of dopamine can trigger symptoms that resemble ADHD, namely irritability, inability to focus and restlessness.

Martial arts can help trigger proper levels of dopamine in a very positive way, and can reduce your child's incidences of depression, aggression or irritation. Many people will notice that their child is much happier when they are involved in a sport of this type, and grades, behavior and energy levels can all improve dramatically.

Many people feel that their aggressive or troublesome children have simply channeled their energies in a positive way when they have joined a form of martial arts, and this too is correct. By keeping children involved in activities, they have a lower inclination toward risky behaviors such as substance abuse and truancy.

Martial Arts VideoIn addition, there is a great deal of social status that goes along with being considered a "martial artist" and this can help a child's social standing tremendously as well. Overall, the positives of this type of exercise are overwhelming, and are usually very long lasting.

If your child is already involved with some type of martial arts or is just getting started, we have an entire line of weapons and training devices that they can enjoy. We offer fighting DVD's that can teach the tricks of street fighting, and have a line of Ninja gear that can help them climb where they want to go.




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